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10/16/2005 9:34 am

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Yesterday the Iraqi people voted on a constitution. No results yet.
Try and project yourself back in time to a place called America 229 years ago. Birth of Freedom.
Here we are (like it or not) we are a nation of
people that fight for freedom. We have taken ground, spilt blood and then because we are Americans simply given it back. Did it once before in Iraq. Screwed up and gave it back to Saddam so he could do his Hitler/Stalin thing.
Lots more men and women died or got body parts blown off for freedom. No judgements, apologies,
monday morning quarterbacking here class.
Just a Sunday prayer to all those who lost loved ones in the struggle for freedom. Anywhere in the universe.

Freedom ain't Free.

Blessings to our brave soldiers who give the ultimate sacrifice over and over for one thing.


konkali 41F

10/25/2005 1:50 pm

perhaps I am a liberal, but a blessed be for all who have conviction enough to fight for their beleifs.. it's a rare gift, when I look at some of my friends neighbors, and me, I wonder how many of these people around us would bear arms to protect their neighbors first, and themselves second.
god b;ess indeed

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