A Movie Review: The Great Kahuna  

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A Movie Review: The Great Kahuna

One of the reasons I enjoy watching independent films is, because many of the films are more character driven, than controlled by special effects or dominated by star power. Having said that, "The Great Kahuna," does have two well known actors: Kevin Spacy(Larry) and Danny Devito(Phil) plus a young actor I was seeing for the first time: Peter Facinelli(Bob) All three of these men work for the same compnay, and are spending a few days together in a motel suite during a convention. Phil seems to spend most of his time trying to understand the purpose and meaning of his life. As a middle aged man, with maybe to many regrets, and becoming a little afraid of dying, Phil wants to unburden himself. Larry is the reciever of Phil's confessions. Larry and Phil have been friends for a number of years and the viewer gets the feeling, as Larry and Phil talk, that Larry, also a middle aged man, has some of the same thoughts, but because of his rough exterior and more mature approach, along with not carrying some of the personal baggage as Phil-Phil is divorced, Larry has been married to the same lady for over 20 years-he does not dwell on what he cannot change or have control over. Bob, young, newly married, and a Christian, is trapped not just by his beliefs, but by the youthful belief in perfection and absolutes. Together the three men give outstanding performanaces, showing clearly that life is never simple. That right and wrong, sometimes are shaped by what one has learned in life. And that we all have demons.

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