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1/26/2006 5:25 pm

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I'm not usually one to get into an uncomfortably tight crowd but I was on the floor at a recent Coldplay concert and when the band hit the stage I was caught in the crush.

A few songs into the concert, I couldn't help but notice a a soft electric charge on my tricep. I looked over my right shoulder and saw a gorgeous woman, mid-20s, eyes closed, singing along with Yellow. She was maybe 5'6" just a few inches shorter than me at 5'10" and had a beautiful round face, freckled, long straight auburn hair. I couldn't help but watch as she swayed to the music and sang. Her left nipple was brushing against my arm and I felt a rush of lust. I sneaked a peak at her breasts, small, with nice perky nipples beneath a loose white shirt. No bra.

I looked up. And she smiled at me. She said something.

I leaned in closer so I could here her repeat.

Her breath was warm and her lips brushed my ear. My heartbeat doubled.

"Isn't this the best?" she said. I looked at her smiling face and nodded.

"I think it's going to be a great night." I made sure to let my lip brush her ear.

She smiled. "I'm Lana." We shook hands.

The song ended and the crowd went wild with applause.

The next song began and I felt Lana's breast pressing a little bit harder against my arm. And I felt her leg brush my hand. She was wearing a short skirt. As she moved, her thighs touched each side of my hand. This was driving me crazy. I was rock hard. I swayed with the music as well making a point of teasing that nipple with the bare flesh of my arm. I could feel the nipple harden. Then I felt the heat between her legs as she teased me -- bumping her mound against my hand.

Okay. I was sure this was no longer just an overenthusiastic flirt. I looked over at her and she smiled coyly and looked away.

Lana shifted her jacket from her left hand to her right so the fabric covered my hand. I felt her fingers graze my my pinky, then stroke each finger in turn. I teased each of her thighs with my fingertips. She pushed against me and tickled my hand. I responded by travelling up her inner thigh, lifting her skirt slightly. She was smiling, head back, eyes closed, mouth open sensually.

I could feel the edges of her panties and then the lips and heat and wetness. Teasing her with light touches, feeling her clit swell beneath the fabric. Now she was gently rocking her hips. Her fingers tightened around my middle and index finger, extending them as her hips made circles and her wetness gushed over my fingers. My fingers were now sliding back and forth from clit to hole and gradually my slipped inside her.

Coldplay was now rocking out in a jam at the end of a song and Lana was madly fucking my hand. I reached with my left hand under my right armpit and felt for her nipple. She reached up and brough my ear to her mouth.

"Yes. Squeeze my nipple. I want to cum."

She stood still for a moment. I found her nipple, teased her a few times and then sqeezed lightly, then a little more, gradually adding pressure. She pulled back a little, moving her torso, her hard nipple tight in my grasp.

We looked at each other as she trusted against my dripping fingers, her mouth trembling, her cunt tightening around my fingers. Her right hand clenched my upper arm.

I could see her mouth the words: "Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck"

She slumped against me for the next song. When the cheers went up and the crowd shuffled at the end, she took the opportunity to step in front of me, her hot ass rubbing my right thigh. She turned and handed me her jacket and then felt her fingers tickling my inner thigh, searching until she found my rock hard cock.

I held the jacket so her work was hidden. She found my fly and quickly was inside my boxers clutching my cock. Smiling, she turned around and mouthed the word "Wow." She kissed me and licked my lip with her tongue.

Lana, squeezed my cock then let go, feeling the pulse. She did this repeatedly, eventually to the beat of Lost in the Sea. Her ass was now right up against my cock. Through a few layers of fabric, she had my head nudging her asshole. She started stroking and I could feel a monumental load gathering. At just the right time she stopped for a second, then stroked once and I came -- my hot sperm all over her hand as she stroked me vigourously.

Lana hung onto my cock as I gradually went soft.

I held her tight as the band played its encores.

the rest of the night ....

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1/26/2006 10:56 pm

My you are a luckey man.....hhe

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