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a story

Hi you! I hope your week is going well so far. You know what? I wanted to reach out to you to explain and clean up a few things with you. I know that we didn't exactly connect on all the necessary levels for both of us to feel comfortable going to the next level, but I still wanted to make sure that I shared with you what I was actually hoping would happen when I gave you a peek at my desire list. So....I was hoping to create some very HOT sensual exchanges between us that had the potential to be quite memorable and very pleasure filled, but I think I may not have explained that well

It’s been a fun week …

So, I had desired that the waxing adventure be a way to prepare me to be smooth, relaxed, and fun to the touch. I thought "hmm...it would be nice to have my pussy waxed to perfection so that she would be soft and cuddly to the touch. And it would be SO steamy to know that you had provided that for us to enjoy." Eventually, I'm sure we would have gotten into a situation where I would have "needed" you to take your tongue and softly lick my naked, exposed vulva and then tease my clit with the tip of your very talented tongue.

I imagined our next meeting going something like this:

I was hoping that we might begin by meeting for drinks somewhere that titillates my senses i.e.. the two places that I’d mentioned (Mercer Kitchen or the Japanese tub hotel). I would be wearing something sensual - a material that caresses my body and reveals my erect nipples. You excite me and when I'm excited, my nipples go as hard as diamonds. You would have seen that b/c they would have been protruding under my dress and you would have been able to see that tonight was a braless night for me, giving you access to lick and suck and play with them as you delighted me before.

Oh Yes, and I made sure that my skin was silky smooth with the Hanae Mori body lotion, and lightly sprayed some of the vanilla perfume all over my body ‒ hopefully the smell brings out the animal in you again.

From there we would finally have adjourned to a gorgeous accommodation upstairs. I SO love naughty sex in a well-appointed hotel boudoir. It tends to bring out the wild woman in me. You would have ordered something wonderful for us to drink as the heat between us and the anticipation steadily mounts. Perhaps by then, being "courted" well would surely have had my panties dripping?

On the way upstairs, we'd have taken the elevator - making sure to take one that was unoccupied by any others. And there I would place your warm hand under my dress so that you could have a preview of my newly waxed pussy. I required that my nipples be nibbled at the same time. I was so lost in your touch that I wasn’t aware when it was time to get off (the elevator that is).

The necklace...? Well, I had envisioned some heat around and about that. The one that I thought about was a lonnnng strand of pearls. I would have worn them folded into a double strand at first. When we got to the room, you would have been asked to sit across the room and promise not to move as I slowly stripped naked, piece by piece and I would end up with a garter belt, black stocking, and black high heeled pumps ... and the necklace. Then I would sit on a straightback chair, take off the necklace and undouble it. I would then put it back on but this time instead of it tickling my cleavage, it would be long enough to brush the softness of my naked pussy.

I would then have you come towards me as I sat on the chair and get on your knees and begin by planting kisses on the insides of my thighs. We both can smell how wet I’ve become and you just begin by teasing me with only kisses there… I longingly look for you to kiss my lips and begin to open up me at my center, my eyes begging you for more. My nipples are getting so hard as I watch you start to explore my pussy … Your hands are greeted by a glistening, dripping wet pussy that is so excited to meet you. You feel how hot and warm I am … and playfully tease me. You ask me if I’m ready to meet my Orgasm Hero … I smile and take your hand to show you how much … You take your finger, trace the whole length of my slit, tease my clit, and then lift it up to your mouth … you lick it and tell me how sweet I taste …That has my pussy screaming DON’T STOP, MORE .. you don’t hear it, just see me responding and writhing around in response to your touch … My breathing is heavier, and I’m moaning in delight just from your first touch .. you smile and tell me I haven’t seen anything yet … You proceed to first want to test just how ready I am, and insert your entire finger inside me … I feel it plunge into my soaking wet pussy and just close down tighter on it … I knew those kegels would come in handy … After that you say not wet enough yet, and go straight to my clit.

You manage to retract the hood of my clit to fully expose it to you … saying this is what you were after … you want to control me and how much I cum …. I jump the first time you touch my most sensitive area and am locked into watching you … you’re kissing my thighs and just letting your finger do the walking … but wait .. your mouth is drawn to my pussy like a moth to a flame and now you are eating me … You start by licking my clit and then being the naughty boy that you are suck it a little and nibble on it … You have my hips rocking back and forth, legs getting so tight and I’ve decided to put on a show with my tits for you to enjoy while you are down there. OH MY GOD, I’m about to explode, I really WANT to cum … and you back off and say NOT yet

NOT YET? Are you insane? I ask, and well, you mention you want some attention … So I offer to switch places … before we do, as we both stand, I can’t resist kissing you long, and deep expressing how much I want you NOW … My tits are crushed against your chest, and I love how strong your grip is on my ass! I push you down into the chair and say my turn. I forgot that you were still dressed at this point, and begin to slowly undo the buttons on your shirt .. opening each one and then kissing you where the opening is … I can’t wait to get to your trousers … I felt how hard your cock was during the kiss, stroking it over your pants, and desperately wanting to give him some air and more …pants first, and I’m so grateful that you again were commando … making it so much easier to get to your hard, throbbing cock. I sit you down in the chair . . .

I start with a passionate kiss on your mouth, then I move to your ear … lightly kissing and sucking your earlobe and telling you what I want to do to you… “I’ve wanted your cock since I saw it in the bar”… “I’ve fantasized about taking that juicy head of yours in my mouth, and wrapping my lips and tongue around your shaft as your cock plunged deep into my mouth” “I’ve wondered what it would feel like to take your cock all the way in, and feel the head of it hit the back of my throat, and your balls against my face” Time to stop wondering …having your full cock in my hands is so turning me on, I’m getting even wetter!!!! … gently my hand reaches for it … first the head, then down the shaft and then I have to move to your balls, just watching you for every reaction before I proceed. I even teasingly extend my hands reach to go to the area below your balls before your asshole and see what pressure you like

You know how much I like to watch, and I can’t begin to start my exploration … I want to watch your cock disappear and fill me up in so many ways … First I want to get you so hard and then have you explode on my tits … That alone will send me over the edge .. having your nice, hard, wide, juicy dick between my breasts … I slow myself down, as we have a lot of time to enjoy every drop of pleasure that we can

Now, it’s my turn to be on my knees … and I catch you watching my breasts just swaying as I move in …. first with my hair down, I just circle it around your cock as is seen in strip clubs … just teasing with my long hair flying, and well my tits grazing your thighs … I can’t wait to taste you so I extend my tongue to my lips and then reach out for the head of your cock … ahh I feel the warmth and heat that I knew had my pussy all engorged, wet and wanting more … I start by just licking your head and then playing a little bit on the sensitive part of your cock on the underside, where the head meets the shaft … a light blow, some butterfly kisses, whatever will just evoke more pleasure, afterall this is what we are both here for.

As my mouth was getting lost on your head, my hands slowly starting sliding down that fantastic shaft of yours, me using both my hands, and some lube … I want your cock feeling absolutely as wet as I am … occasionally I look up to watch you watching me just savoring every lick of your rock hard cock … and my hands don’t stop at the end of your shaft, they reach for your balls as well … I can’t wait to feel them so full when they are ready to launch … I can’t wait for you to cum … and for me to enjoy that hot juicy cum all over me … I get distracted, but have to go back to you … You reach for my hair and play with it … I ask If you want to guide my sucking of your cock this way … faster, deeper… please let me know baby … all I want is for you to enjoy my tongue swirling around your hot cock …I love watching it disappear into my mouth as you’re fucking it …… I have a hard time not getting off just enjoying you this much. I feel your cock expanding in my mouth, the veins protruding and know that you are almost there … You have this wicked smile on your face … and now

It’s my turn to stop … What ever shall we do now? I ask with this coy grin on my face … You and I both know and I come over look directly into your eyes, and proceed to place my wet pussy above your cock, and as I face you … let you know that I want you to fuck me … I want to, no I need to feel your hard throbbing cock in my pussy over and over and over again … I take the head and rub it against my clit which practically drives me out of my skin … I feel like I’m about to go insane, and you then take me … the next thing I know is your swollen, hot cock is filling up my pussy every which way … I feel the walls of my pussy against the heat of your cock and moan in delight about how good you feel baby … Oh Yeah… Oooh this is so much more than I had ever thought about when I touched myself thinking about you and this juicy cock … Oh baby … my pussy tenses a bit more around your rock hard cock and doesn’t want to let go … I watch it disappear into my pussy and have to give you a long, deep, hard kiss that lets you feel how much you are fucking turning me on … you have unleashed the wild woman and we have just begun

SirMounts 103M

8/4/2006 4:31 pm

My, you write very well, takemenow. *smiling*

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8/5/2006 4:00 am

Thanks Sir ... it pleases me to know that my writing has been appreciated by another ...

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