Early morning rising  

takemenowDD 54
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8/6/2006 4:51 am
Early morning rising

I have to say one of the things I miss about having a steady partner is morning sex ... GOD, I used to love to be the first one up and deliver a "wake-up" call... We were long distance lovrs, having cluster dates (seeing each other for several days back to back to back and then back to our worlds) and pleasuring an unsuspecting dick perhaps just a bit hard while he was asleep was heaven. Yes, I love control, and this was my way to ensure that I got satisfaction and things started in a very GOOD way those mornings ... even after we had broken up and initially there was some resistance to us being togther, a final wake up call was enjoyed ... I think that's because the phrase "get off my penis" isn't in the guys handbook

And great kissing ... I think it is a lost art form ... you know the kissing that you completely get lost in ... When the partners just surrender to their desires, and the lips explore while the tongues perform a delicate dance of expression ... Sometimes passionately entwisted, other times just lightly teasting a lip or a tongue and then sometimes savagely just conveying the intensity of the desire, passion, and WANT...

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