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7/24/2006 7:28 pm

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at work today, had some parents come in with tantrum-throwing kids. **teeth gnashing**. i started to have flashbacks of the "wrath of god" style whoopins that i generated as a young boy. Now, in my defense(LMAO!), i grew up with 3 sisters and no brothers, so the deck was stacked against me. not that any of you girls would ever get a sibling in trouble on purpose{hint of sarcasm), but i got old-school whoopins. You know, we all have views about spankings and all (no not u adults that luv ur spankins...*wink*) but i wonder why children are in control and we are helpless to do anything. heck, i am scared to look at someones kid cross-eyed, because of the repercussions i may face. for those of you whose professions are affected, or when u r out in public, what goes through ur mind when u see kids show out!

rm_imakemlaff 63M
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11/27/2006 6:58 pm

Hello my friend, I'm laying a golden egg right here...go to the golden egg and smile! My ass hurts after laying it too!

tadpudgy replies on 11/27/2006 7:12 pm:
Oh, was that what sound was! LMAO!!!!! Thanks sir!!!!!

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