Anti Dick Pic Stupidity Rant  

tackman57 60M  
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1/21/2006 12:27 pm

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5/27/2012 2:18 pm

Anti Dick Pic Stupidity Rant

What's with all the "dick-pic-a-phobia" that is getting blog time recently? I thought this was a sex site! So what if guys want to show their cocks to others?! That's their business! I can't believe there are people on this site who want the GUYS to be "classy" and to "show respect" to women by not showing dick pics. Seems like we have a problem with people wanting play sensor & keep people from doing what they enjoy doing. If showing dick pics are so disrespectful & show a lack of class, is the same true for all the women who show tit pics & pussy pics? Or, is this just some male double standard that is transfering itself from the real world into SwapFinder?! If dick pics are so bad, maybe we need to eliminate tit & pussy pics. And what about ass pics?! Talk about shocking pic!!! How about those penetration pics that show up fucking? And cock sucking pics? And if we're getting rid of disrespectful & unclassy pics, how about getting rid of the cams. Talk about dick pics! And they're moving & jacking those dicks in real time!!! Why don't we just eliminate all the pics & cams AND all the talk about sex & make this a religious site dedicated to keeping all those dicks & boobs & pussys & ass right where they belong, padlocked inside iron pants where nobody will can get to them or see them or have any fun with them! Oh, yeah, and if we're talking about "unclassy" pics, what about all those over weight people who show pics of themselves???!!! Shouldn't they be told not to show their pics, too???!!! Get real folks! This is a sex site dedicated to getting people together to have fun with all these parts!!! If you can't handle seeing a man's cock, maybe you're not mature enough to be on this site! Just like in real life, if you don't want to see or are offended by a dick pic (or boob pic or pussy pic or sex pic), for crap sake, go on to the next member's page that doesn't show any pics at all & leave the rest of us alone! And if you think showing your dick in a pic is hurting your chance to get sex with someone, fine, please feel free not to show yours off. But don't rant & rave about all the "unclassy, disrespectful" people who are showing their "assets" off. Doing so might just work for them. Hummmm . . . maybe showing your dick in a pic ISN'T your trouble in finding sex or a relationship on this site . . . maybe it's your attitude!

southrnpeach333 52F

1/21/2006 12:49 pm

Your profile says that you are looking for men. I think the anti-dick sentiment is mostly the women's attitude. Just our preference, nothing wrong with package I am sure. Since you are looking for men this should not affect you. Unless you have found that men do not want to see the money shot first. What have you found that men want to see first in another man?

qyxx 61F
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1/21/2006 1:08 pm

I am not offended by dic pics so much as I am bored by them. I realize that this is a sex site and expect to see the dic and pussy shots. Some of the pussy shots I do find gross and repulsive, but that is my personal opinion. Maybe someone who is into pussy shots may not find it repulsive, to each his own.

What I do find offensive is the way some folks come off to me in the emails, rude, crude and disrespectful. Just because I am on this site does not mean I am a $2 dollar hooker.

As to any offensive pics, if I don't want to see them, I move on. If I like what I see, I stay a while.


rm_BiF33Ut 51F
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1/21/2006 1:28 pm

Speak for yourself sweetcheeks (southrnpeach333)... "just our preference"... perhaps your preference. I like looking at the cocks myself.

I say if you don't want to see hard core cocks shots then you should go to a less sex oriented site and do your trolling there.

In the mean time.. boys get your cocks in hand and let's share that Kodak moment

<Delicious Grin>

papyrina 52F
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1/21/2006 1:51 pm

most women like a tasteful pic ,even if its a dic pic,but its a real turn off to get a mail and he sends you a pic of him and another woman ,i'm really bored by anal fucking pics and to be really honest after over dosing on dic picks ,i now only reply to mail with a cute face pic or a tasteful body shot

I'm a

i'm here to stay

tackman57 60M  
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1/21/2006 2:28 pm

BiF33Ut, I'm glad that YOU understand what I meant! You, like a lot of people on this site know what it's for . . . sharing ourselves with others, hopefully to find some new friends & enjoying ourselves! By your one response, you prove that this "matter" isn't just "a women's point of view"! Thanks!!!

Southernpeach, I think it's highly arrogant for any one person to think they speak for their entire sex when it's just their opinion. And as for what I'm looking for, yeah, I'm looking for guys. So what? I also like looking at women's pics (though I prefer guys I DO appreciate women!). I just think that the double standard of expecting women to show their goods but saying men shouldn't show theirs is a load of uptight CRAP! But if that's not you're cup of tea, go on to a member who doesn't show anything & leave the rest of us alone!

gyxx, I will agree with you that sometimes e-mails,etc. can get gross or unwanted material is sent. The solution is to delete it & go on to other people, block those that you no longer wish to get messages from. You do have a choice. But just realize that the site you are on is a site for sex pics, including body pics, & they will be sent.

papyrina, I think we all prefer tasteful pics (men included, believe it or not) but this isn't a perfect site (let alone a perfect world). But what might be considered "tasteful" to you might not be to someone else. Your solution for your dislikes is a truly correct, accept what YOU wish to accept & ignore the rest!

I know that everyone will have an opinion on this topic. My point is that we have a choice to see what we want. If you don't like what you see, go on to someone else & leave the rest of us to our fun!

moonfire2u 71F
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1/21/2006 2:56 pm

Being an only child and being raised in a generation where 'good girls don't do that'...I didn't get to see a lot of dicks growing up...this sites has changed that for me and has also shown me that 'God did not create men equally'...LOL. The pictures don't offend me but sometimes the men do. You are absolutely correct this is an adult sex site and if you are offended this is probably the wrong place for you.

kind thoughts,

sexymermaid6956 64F
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1/21/2006 3:28 pm

mmmmm i just come to blog and to each their own.that is my view on most issues in life.AS individuals we all have our pereferance...mmm lol some make me squeemish but i would never inpose my thoughts on to them.It is how they want to conduct themselfs and i will not be a negitive bearer...I have never ran with any sort of groupe I have since school had a variety of friends...from the super smart to the challenged people in life...Omg I just love people and what they have to offer me..Maybe it is because i score high in the siences as well as the arts so that is a whole lot of interests for me...which in turn i can embrase in others.I think that the artier the pic the more pleasing it is to my appreciation of artfull things but it is after all a sex sight and i do not linger to much on the pics but in what someone has to say,,,,well have a great weekend i am off to go dancing...oh by the way i believe in the saying normal is which ever way you are,,so lets just embrace one another and dont only gives ya grey that is why i have only 5 grey hairs at 52 i never sweat the small


Seduce my mind and my body

JaniSux 46F

1/21/2006 5:44 pm

I am still turned on by the site of a man's cock, and the cock picks, the sex pics and the bj pics. I am not offended or insulted by any of them. I see a cock, I imagine how I'd like to use it, I see a pic of a sex act, I imagine that the woman in the pic is me or I just enjoy the view, it kinda turns on the voyeur in me.

All in all, I agree with most here (including you tackman), this is a site where people are in search of sex. When you enter the site, the home page says, "Find a sex partner tonight".. so no I am not insulted, surprised or shocked by the fact that some people might think they might find sex by posting those pics. If I should happen upon a pic that I don't like, then I just move on.. no biggie... click click and I've got one I do like.

Where pics are concerned... I post my own body parts, so it'd be hypocritical of me to bitch and moan about someone else's now wouldn't it.. lol

sexymermaid is right.. don't sweat the small stuff

tackman57 60M  
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1/22/2006 7:59 am

Thanks Everybody for posting your comments. Believe it or not, I respect & support each individual's belief concerning this subject.

What frustrated me about the subject of dick pics was not that each person has a differently opinion about them. I support & defend each person's right to their own opinions!

What I objected to & what pissed me off was the following:

1. that people (women & men) against dick pics are currently telling men in their blogs & advice comments that they should remove their dick pics because women find them unclassy & disrespectful. While that's their opinion, they have no right to judge those members who do like dick pics.

2. that while SOME women (& men) find dick pics unclassy & disrespectful, they shouldn't present themselves as speaking for ALL women. As you can read from some of the responses, there are some women who DO like dick pics & there are some men - straight, bi & gay - who DO like them & DO like to show what they have to offer.

3. that since this is a sex site, full of people looking for other people to have sex with, that anybody could be offended by a picture of a dick. This point still confounds me because it's a little difficult to have sex without a penis, unless you're a lesbian! I would think you'd like to see what you're going to be dealing with BUT if that's not you cup of tea, more power to you! Just don't judge the rest of us who do!

4. that people were actually complaining that they were getting tired of seeing dick pics AND other pics on this site. To me, if you are tired of seeing pics of sexual body parts or sexual acts, MAYBE, just maybe, you might want to take a break from SwapFinder & explore a non-sexual site such as eHarmony, etc., where there are no body part/sexual act pics. Again, this is a site for sex & all the body parts & acts that go with it.

And finally & most importantly . . .

5. that we all have a CHOICE to see or not see what we want. If a dick pic or any other pic offends you in any way, we have the power to click our mouse & move on to the next member (no pun intended!) & their postings. And if a member sends us e-mails full of stuff we don't want to see, don't wish to read, etc., SwapFinder has provided us with the power to permanently stop that member from sending us anything ever again, or we can just use the almighty power of "delete."

We all have the right to like & enjoy the things we like & enjoy. I was never trying to change anybody's mind to my way of thinking! And, believe it or not, I DO understand why some women (or men) don't care for dick pics AND why they don't care for them AND respect them for their choice. All I ask is those who don't like them respect those of us who do AND not make value judgements about us & call us "unclassy" or "disrespectful" AND try to change us to your way of thinking. Some members on this site do not like dick pics, some do like them. That's a fact that will never change. Let's just celebrate the fact that we have the right to enjoy a site like SwapFinder & not put people down for what they enjoy.

Anthonyblue 64M

1/29/2006 5:21 pm

Well said tackman,

I agree with everything that you have said. Some people on this site seem to spend all their time complaining about one photo or another. I really don't know why they are on the site sometimes.
OK, they don't have to like the photo's, but why do they keep complaining.???

Its is like you say, like having unofficial censors.

tackman57 60M  
184 posts
1/31/2006 11:16 am

Thanks, Anthony!

Finally, someone who UNDERSTOOD the message I was trying to get across. Now, add to it my fury at the shameful double standard of men AND women on this site expecting AND approving women showing all their "bits" in pics but telling men to keep their "bits" covered up . . . under the cover of saying showing dicks pics is an insult to women. Such hypocrisy, huh?! I truly wonder if it's the women who find it insulting OR men who are afraid to have their pricks seen & judged by other members?! And this on a site for devoted to SEX & getting people together to have SEX . . . staight, bi, gay, group, couples, gang bangs, & any combination of those you can imagin!!! And a picture of a dick insults them?! While I defend their right to their own beliefs, it's difficult to understand their thinking!!! Oh, well, it takes all kinds!

rm__Lysan_ 57F

1/1/2007 3:19 pm

If I go perv a profile, I respect that the person may post whatever pictures they want. I'm *not the boss of you* But, to email someone, sending an unsolicited genitalia picture, gets instant iggy from me. Yes, it is a sex site, but yes, it is polite to read a person's profile BEFORE emailing, and respect their wishes, if a No Dick Pic request is there. Hmmm...s'pose I should ammend my profile to say NO Genitalia Pics Please, because, yeah, I have gotten a pussy pic or two.

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