Anti Dick Pic Stupidity Rant  

tackman57 60M  
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1/21/2006 11:39 am

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9/4/2006 7:51 pm

Anti Dick Pic Stupidity Rant

What's with all the "dick-pic-a-phobia" that is getting blog time recently? I thought this was a sex site! So what if guys want to show their cocks to others?! That's their business! I can't believe there are people on this site who want the GUYS to be "classy" and to "show respect" to women by not showing dick pics. Seems like we have a problem with people wanting play sensor & keep people from doing what they enjoy doing. If showing dick pics are so disrespectful & show a lack of class, is the same true for all the women who show tit pics & pussy pics? Or, is this just some male double standard that is transfering itself from the real world into SwapFinder?! If dick pics are so bad, maybe we need to eliminate tit & pussy pics. And what about ass pics?! Talk about shocking pic!!! How about those penetration pics that show up fucking? And cock sucking pics? And if we're getting rid of disrespectful & unclassy pics, how about getting rid of the cams. Talk about dick pics! And they're moving & jacking those dicks in real time!!! Why don't we just eliminate all the pics & cams AND all the talk about sex & make this a religious site dedicated to keeping all those dicks & boobs & pussys & ass right where they belong, padlocked inside iron pants where nobody will can get to them or see them or have any fun with them! Oh, yeah, and if we're talking about "unclassy" pics, what about all those over weight people who show pics of themselves???!!! Shouldn't they be told not to show their pics, too???!!! Get real folks! This is a sex site dedicated to getting people together to have fun with all these parts!!! If you can't handle seeing a man's cock, maybe you're not mature enough to be on this site! Just like in real life, if you don't want to see or are offended by a dick pic (or boob pic or pussy pic or sex pic), for crap sake, go on to the next member's page that doesn't show any pics at all & leave the rest of us alone! And if you think showing your dick in a pic is hurting your chance to get sex with someone, fine, please feel free not to show yours off. But don't rant & rave about all the "unclassy, disrespectful" people who are showing their "assets" off. Doing so might just work for them. Hummmm . . . maybe showing your dick in a pic ISN'T your trouble in finding sex or a relationship on this site . . . maybe it's your attitude!


1/21/2006 12:13 pm

Thatis by far the best rant I have read yet

rm_MiVidaLoca25 37F
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1/21/2006 12:50 pm

I couldn't agree more. Censorship sucks in any form for that matter.

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