Lousy Smarch Weather  

taarna33 45F
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3/8/2006 1:22 pm

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12/8/2006 10:19 am

Lousy Smarch Weather

First off, I must rant, sorry, but geeze, did we have winter at all? Because I'm pretty sure it should at least get cold and freeze and possibly require snow to be a part of it.....maybe I should just move north.
I had the most wonderful dream before I woke up to this smarch weather though....
I can feel the heat beat down on may back from the sun, the lazy warmth spreading through my limbs. The soft towel and warm sand under me adding to the lethargic feeling I am slowly succumbing to. I hear you kneel next to me in the sand and I feel your hand rest gently on the back on my knee before you slowly trail it up over my thigh, stopping at my ass your hand skips over it and moves to the small of my back. You slowly move your fingers up my spine until you reach the tie on my suit.
"Wouldn't want tan lines love," you lean down and whisper in my ear as your hands untie the strap and then move to my neck and undo that one as well. You lean back down and your lips skim the back of my neck as your hands explore my arms and then you lean in and say, "You've been on your back for a while, shouldn't you even out?" I look up at you from under my sunglasses one eyebrow arched questioningly, "You just undid my suit ties..."
That mischievous grin I so love appears and you laugh aloud, "We are all alone, no one for miles, please for me?"
I pretend to consider it as I furrow my brows which causes you to laugh even harder, since you now know my mind has already been made up and I am just teasing you to draw out the suspense. You reach for me and gently cup my face, kissing me softly at first, slowly increasing the pressure as your tongue parts my lips and sweeps inside to tease mine. You pull back as you hear a soft moan escape my lips, "Just give it up love, you know you want to!"
I laugh as I push myself to my knees, my full breasts freed from the bikini and lean against you wrapping my arms around you. "All I said was even out woman," you say laughingly as you push me down onto the towel, "But...we, I, should definitely put some lotion on them, we wouldn't want them to get burned!" I close my eyes as the soft breeze blows across me and my nipples harden as you begin slowly rubbing in the lotion. "I really think I should start on your stomach though," you say as your hands move in a circle around my navel, "I have something else first for these!"
Your tongue suddenly flicks across my nipple and it responds as I gasp in surprise. You circle around it before sucking it into your mouth and gently biting it as I arch my back, my body asking for more. You torture that breast as you hands continue to rub my stomach and then your head dips to the valley between my breasts and you kiss it before moving to the other and taking it in your mouth quickly, my soft moans encouraging your eagerness.

and then...imagine this..I was awoken...but I plan on going back to the beach tonight and it will be continued tomorrow

STLBlueEyedMale 60M
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3/9/2006 5:21 pm

I loved that story....broke out the lotion and pretended she was applying to me...faster, faster....uh oh......where did all that extra lotion cum from.

buckeyerabbit 72M
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3/21/2006 4:18 pm

Liked your story. I come to the Saint Louis area often and would like to see if we would be compatable enough to have dinner sometime.

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