longings need to be filled  

syndids 59F
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5/21/2006 4:44 am
longings need to be filled

i dreamed of you last night...in the darkness i reach out to you, to touch you, still not believing that your laying beside me...and my mind dances back to the time where you selected me to be with....i was watching you from across the room when your hand went to that spot, my eyes were fixated in watching you smile as you moved around the room chatting and observing everyone and everything...

you had this presence about you that i could not over look, i knew that i had to meet you...as you made your way around the room, i slipped out into the night and kicked off my shoes to walk in the coolness of the grass, where i saw you looking down on me laughing, you took my breath away at that moment and all i could do was dare you to join me and you accepted...we laughed into the wee hours of the morn...

and here i am laying in your arms as you sleep, completely filled from all that we have had shared together..your kisses melted away any doubts that i could have had and your touch made me beg you for more..yes i love the way that you filled me, taste and brought me to such completion that i pray that you feel the same, but i wait and see if you reach out to me again and again to satisfy you and trust me enough to be there for you...

the rest is yet to be wrote or experienced, any ideas???

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