when words just aren't needed  

sybadog 53M
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5/8/2006 1:43 am
when words just aren't needed

To: you know who you are.....
I sensed early on in the evening that you were interested, not sure exactly what I picked up on in your body language but the signals were there - the way you lingered around the dj booth, the way you kept casually catching my eye from the various places you stood, danced, or sat around the place, even when you were talking to someone else. Perhaps it was the look in your eyes when we spoke; it did not matter what brief, snatched, meaningless conversations we were having throughout the night, your eyes were giving me a completely different conversation. Was it the briefest of touches you gave me occasionally?, your hand lightly gripping my forearm as you moved away, your shoulder brushing mine as you turned to walk away.
Whatever it was I didn't question my feelings, I just knew it was on.....after the night was done, everyone had gone, as I packed away my stuff in silence, I was focused on only one thing and I knew exactly where and what I was going to do. When I walked in your house, you casually sat on the bed, flicking over the tv channels and just watched as I undressed, turning off the tv and getting under the quilt as soon as I was naked. I joined you straight away, we briefly kissed before I was kissing you all over your neck, breasts and stomach. As soon as my fingers lightly brushed your clitoris I could tell you were soaking, you immediately took me in your hand, caressing my balls. i think the first words we spoke were when I was deep inside you, our faces inches apart, our eyes staring deep into each others, when I said "fast or slow?" - you whispered "slow" and then aside from the low, gutteral moans I dont think we spoke again until morning - well after the different positions we bonded in and the sound content sleep we both fell into after all the lovemaking. Silence can sometimes convey more than words ever can.

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