Guilty or not guilty????  

sybadog 53M
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5/2/2006 3:30 am
Guilty or not guilty????

..sitting in my friends house the other day it suddenly came to my attention her 18 yr old daughters breasts seemed to have grown massively all of a sudden. Obviously this growth has not been that sudden but I only just noticed, I guess it may be due to the onset of summer and the lower cut vest top she was wearing. Now let me be very clear here, I was not sexually aroused by this enlightening moment but I did find myself staring rather longer than is polite and feeling slightly guilty that I should have noticed at all. Later that day I was thinking about it again slightly worried that I am becoming a "dirty old man" but then consoling myself that it did not arouse me sexually nor cause me to have any sexual thoughts about her daughter at all. It was then I got to think about the contrast of situations - if I was looking at the daily pair of exposed breasts on page 3 of a newspaper,more often than not belonging to 18 year old girls, I would be considered a normal, red blooded male. But to notice the covered breasts of an 18 year old daughter of a friend more or less starts to make me feel like a pervert......strange

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