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8/16/2006 10:11 pm

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hey there pamela again just a few lines to see whats up with me . im starting to get into the picture taking alot. i love to get up in the middle of the nite when my hubby has worked all day and want him to take pics of me so everyone can see im not hiding my face and i do show my pics off my hubby tells me im a cock tease but im realy not . i do show my pics to the 2 only guys ive seen and didnt fuck them but we played a bit. i just like it alot when i get more comfortable i will go all the way with a guy that is compatable with me . im trying to see this one guy but his time is so short. i mean he cant even be seen with me. my truck has tinted windows and he is still looking out but my time dont match his . school is starting and just wait i may get myslef in more than ass deep. just a girl that likes to be seen im a little big but my tits are bigger and i love to suck them anytime u ask. my pussy taste so good after u finger me ill even lick your finger. i like it when my hubby goes down on me and kisses me. oh that is great.i want to get started with him now and my new pics are on now. just wanted u to tell me am i crazy.i am hypt up now im waking my hubby up to play in the chat rooms. pamela.

smile pamela

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11/29/2006 11:02 pm

I just have to verify Luv2taste_yu's reply (hey, that's almost my screen name haha) by telling about an incident with my former fiancee a few years ago. (and it was a trusting relationship understand...some things for some couples are left best as fantasies) We always discussed different fantasies..usually in bed playing around and getting hot talking about it, and one of them was similar to this--her having random sex then telling me all about it. I told her to do it. One night, unknown to me (as discussed) she spoke with a guy over some dating hotline thing, and made it clear: she wanted to fuck. To make a long story short, they went out, had sex, and a few nights late she told me. I admit, as much a turn on it was in thought while discussing fantasies, I still was shocked she actually did it. She went through every detail, in fact we pretty much reenacted it...and it was such a turn on, some of the best sex we've ever had it was so exciting. I'll never forget the strange feeling I had: a mixture of anger and disbelief that she actually did it and had sex with another man; and such a high state of arousal I can't recall ever being as excited. So if all is good with you and him about it, I can affirm Luv's advice -- just be sure it is not 'personal' but a shared thing....even if the sharing is later. In other words, one guy you keep wanting to see or something...that changes the whole thing from spicing up a sex life for the excitement of you and your husband, to a relationship type thing. Just my opinion. (By the way, every darn time I see that current main photo of yours taking that cock in your mouth, I get so darn excited! Wow.

sxymilf43 53M/84F

9/7/2006 11:01 am

luv2taste yu hey babe i got u now its on we are gonna see how that works out. by the wasy ill ask him for like 50 bucks and so i can go shopping while this is going on to . i promise this happen i went out with this one guy for a drink and thank god my hubby gave me some money and this ass that i had when with to have the drinks with , he dranked one beer and i had 5 marg.drinks and i had to pay the tab he was a ass cuz i would not go to up stairs to bed room with him.well got to go see ya later

smile pamela

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8/18/2006 4:33 pm

Nothing wrong with teasing, especially if you're gonna do it, but the time and opportunity haven't presented themselves yet. I'm sure he means it as a compliment! How about this idea for a tease: Go out on the pretense of meeting your admirer somewhere. Wait a good long while, then call him from a bar phone and tell him the guy wants to take you to a hotel right now. Wait another 30-60 minutes and call him from a quiet place and talk to him in a whisper. Tell him the guy is taking shower, and when he comes out that you're gonna fuck him. After that, keep hubby waiting as long as you can. When you finally go home, make sure you have alcohol on your breath and that your clothes smell like smoke. Wrinkle up the clothes and make your hair and makeup look appropriate to the scenario, and if you were wearing hose, take them off and stuff them into your purse. Lube up your pussy really good with aqualube just before you get home, then go in and tell hubby all the juicy "details". You and he will have the fucking of your life, and I'm sure he won't be angry at you for the deception when you tell him. Just a little something to whet his appetite for the real deal!

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