what about Bob...  

sxcurves4u 54F
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2/12/2006 9:20 am
what about Bob...

I was desperate for affection and was hoping to find a loving companion b4 xmas. I didn't.
My 13 yar old son which is my best buddy, offerred me on a whim, an older cat from the animal control... His name is Bob.

Bob is more affectionate than most cats... or men I know...

He sleeps with his face close to mine and kneads my neck, sometime my upper chest... eventually he falls asleep with both paws around my face. He cuddles on the couch with me and gives me kisses all the time. He can't meow so I just see his silent cry... so sad.

Do I need a man anymore? Yes but what about BOB?

I am the happy mistress of an affectionate caring, loyal and silent friend...



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