I dream that I find him, over and over again... and why not?  

sxcurves4u 54F
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2/5/2006 7:33 am
I dream that I find him, over and over again... and why not?

He had a beautiful smile on his profile and a positive feel about him, I couldn't resist sending him a note. He asked for my e-mail address that day and a few min later we are chatting, trying to figure out how to hook up... Never mind the chemistry, the connection was already drawing each other to meet like magnets. He had to come to my area that night so we met in front of this pub I know.

He got out of the car, came over to me and kissed my face that had lighted up at the sight of him.
He made me shudder inside from the passion and intensity of his deep kiss.

He stopped eventually to take another good long look at me and nodded in disbelief saying over and over how much my picture did not prepare him for me.

He charmed me with all this greatness about him... I love a man that goes after what he wants and he was racing after my heart... and, I knew, also my bod.

We sat at a small table in the restaurant which was bursting with customers and noise... I felt like all eyes were on us: Me, a red head and he a tall built black beauty. He clutched my hands over the table and started saying to me: "Now my woman is exclusive to me as I only want her, I can't share. I want to get to know all about you so I know how to please you."

Knowing myself and the groups I belong to here on AdultFriendFinder, I have an inner mischievious smile but then I know black men can't be satisfied with one woman alone no matter what they say. So hey, I figure "tha game is on..."

I brought him home that night. He was thrilled getting access to my body so swiftly. I was hungry for fresh meat from the Carabbean. Damn, I forgot he smoked. Tasting his dark bar, I could not bring myself to full devotion. Just not good.

In time, I figured, I would convince him to stop.

We saw each other the next day. We had a lovely walk by Lake Ontario, feeling happy we had finally found the other. He smothered me with affection while repeating how gorgeous I was to him and beautiful on the inside too. We had lots in common.

Within 48 hours we were like teenagers claiming our love to one another, calling the other many times a day just to remind the other that we were dreaming this bond... together...

Then, 72 hours later, I realized I needed more from a man than an "I love you" snooze button every few hours over the phone. We had not seen each other since the lake and he was unable to hold a serious conversation anymore... Would not commit to driving over to me... advised me that his finances were limited due to his studies. He was father to a 10 year old and had 2 other ex's to support financially and emotionally... THE WAKE UP ALARM: His Friday nights were already reserved for his pals.

I had a brief black encounter. Very intense, very brief. He was not mean to me in any way. We hAd fun while it lasted...

He just didn't do much for his male counterparts.

I love men... Still.

rm_Mentalride 42M
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2/9/2006 9:50 pm

Sounds like a real vivid encounter. Must have been something else.

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