update 1 - Help????????  

sxcstuey 30M
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5/26/2006 3:48 am
update 1 - Help????????

Ok this lil bit is again gonna be about two things, and I hope it gets me somewhere!

As I said in my last installment, I am frustrated at the way I can't join up as i don't have a credit card but a debit card, so in this lil section I am going to give three or four usernames of people wh oI am winking at but can seem to do no more, and maybe somebody lovely who reads this can help me?!?!?!?!?!?????

LuckyJoanna, KoolKustomer2, TinyMiss20, sexylolly313 and moniya111

these are the people who i have desperatly tried, and will need help in trying to get hold of them, if anyone can help let me no, post a comment or get hold of me somehow!!!

Another thing I wanna say is that recently I have had this thing about having sex with someone older than myself, in the region of 28-33!

Even though this may never happen! if anybody would like to get in touch and maybe discreet e-mails and pic swaps then im more than interested!

thats issue 2 out of the way!

Please Help

love muchly SXCSTUEY xXx

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