a week in my shoes......  

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4/27/2006 5:06 am

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a week in my shoes......

Well I have quite a few things to write in this blog!
First thing is for anyone who saw the blog or who had any interaction with teendreami, some b****rd got into my account and shut it down AM NOT HAPPY! so now I will be known as SXCSTUEY

Right well let's begin...

can any female who reads this explain just how good oral is for a woman. I met a girl who I had met a few times before and we went to a local pub for a drink, and well we got talking about things that really made us tick (ask nicely and you may all find out) and we decided that it would be nice to try out the 'discussed topic' and just see how good the effects are.
It started out just purely teasing and testing but as you know when there is a free house and two horny people things never stay that way for long! and after kinky fondling and playfully taking off various items of clothing we were left with the 'bare' essentials WOW she was amazing! we started to turn each other on until we had to just dive and and start pleasuring.
She, first, took the reins and grabbed my now hard length and started to rub and lick and suck.....ooooohhhhhh yeah *even the memory and writing this is making me horny* after she was pushing me to my limits i started to slide my hand down, to be greeted by a warm wet snatch.
As i pushed my fingers inside and gently massaged her clitoris (mmmm a lovely memory of those sounds oooohhhhhhh) she asked me if i would orally pleasure her, now me being me I absolutly giving ladies oral pleasure I find it so horny and exciting i could do it all day!, and of course I did.
I must've been down there for like 70minutes and she had gone three times, so we called time on that activity and we finished off with a good pounding.
so my question now is ladies, what is it exactly about oral stimulation that is more appealing than fingering?

and now time for me to bring the blog down and add my frustration. Me being only a standard member have tried so hard to connect with other standard members, gaining points and e-mailing, and winking, but it is so frustrating that the only real response you can get is a wink which never seems to give much of an indication.
I find it harder also as I have a debit card NOT a credit card. Maybe if i don't get much of a response I may mention a few names of people and i could persuade them via my blog!


well this is blog part 1 for SXCSTUEY
whatch this space for more...........

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4/27/2006 12:17 pm

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