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4/10/2005 8:19 pm

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Best lovers

Since we first met we couldn't keep our hands off each other. Our hands and touch everything they could reach inside and out.

He is a former football player and has all rhe right bulges in all the rights spots. He calls my pussy his home. Other the years he was strayed gotten married twice and had as many as 20 lovers but he comes back to me because I know him like no one else.

I worship his penis I drink his cum like most people would drink wine, But he loved to fuck me and withdrawl so I can drink his cum, We have been doing this for over twenty years and it still is exciting for us both.

But he has two fantasties, He want another women to fuck and suck his cock while I suck his balls, His other fantasy is to have me give him a blow job while another man is fucking me. I am a very passionate lover and he thing that would give him even great pleasure during oral sex.

I have finally agreed to make hims happy. He wants to see me with another women. I am not afraid of it I love giving pleasure even if it is to another women.

I want to make my lover happy even if I have to share him,

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