Be-lated Happy 4th!  

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7/5/2005 9:37 pm

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Be-lated Happy 4th!

I hope that everyone had a fun and safe 4th!

I know that I enjoyed my weekend. Last night I hung out with a bunch of friends. There was one other girl there and about 6 guys. The girls were being the mothers and telling the guys to be careful of course, which, didn't work. We almost set a field on fire. I say we, but it really was the guys who did this. They should have a warning lable on the fireworks that says:

Warning: Do not hold fireworks container near crotch and shoot twoards a field of dry, tall grass.

They actually were shooting for the pond to watch the fireworks blow up under water, but they missed the pond and it went straight for the field. I kept looking where it landed and told them that it was on fire, the idiots stood there staring at me. I finally got up and started to run to the field, like I would really be able to do anything, lol. The guys quickly followed after they noticed the flames coming out of the grass. They ran in front of me and, I'm completely serious, threw their bodies on top of the flames to snuff them out. It worked. The guys were singed a bit, but the grass was no longer burning.

We retired into the house and the other girl and I helped pull burrs out of the guys leg hair, LOL, and placed clear fingernail polish on their legs to suffocate the chiggers(I'm sure I am not spelling that correctly) that they got.

All in all, it was a fun sex, no alcohol (well, one beer), but definately some other type of excitement.

Hope you all were safe!

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