WOW ... the things one finds when cleaning house!!!  

swoosh5171 46M
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8/22/2006 4:30 pm
WOW ... the things one finds when cleaning house!!!

I'd been having some technical difficulties with my computer and when I had a friend take a look to diagnose the problem for me, I found myself with comedic dilema. He told me I had too many pix saved to my computer and that they were bogging down something technical on my computer, hence; my computer was sluggish periodically. I looked over some of the pix that I'd had on my computer and really was surprised as some were of people/events that I'd long forgotten. I actually had to spend some time gleaning thru them all to decide what was to be done with them (as well as some other files I hadn't used in quite some time). It's kinda funny because they made me think back to the times depicted in these photos and I have to admit they were of some good times (the ones I've kept as well as the ones I had to remove (begrudgingly). But I've since acquired another memory card for my computer so that this (hopefully) doesn't happen again ... LOL

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