Take Some Time To Appreciate Things  

swoosh5171 47M
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9/9/2006 8:57 am

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10/15/2006 2:25 pm

Take Some Time To Appreciate Things

I guess there's a NEED to state some things that I figured were true of everyone that had/has an AdultFriendFinder profile. AdultFriendFinder is certainly an adult site (although the antics/actions of some of its subscriber base call that into question periodically, but I digress). I have actually made friend or 2 thru AdultFriendFinder and quite few acquaintences that I see in the chatroom(s) I frequent periodically. I think there is a stereotypical perception that needs addressing though as even though there may be an interest in associating a name with a face (when it comes to meeting other individuals with AdultFriendFinder profiles) but there CERTAINLY would have to be more in the way of a dialogue between individuals before anything sexual took place (that means more than an AdultFriendFinder 'wink' and maybe a hello or 2 in (chatroom) passing. I'm NOT trying to come across as an ass or anything, but I'd hope that anyone that welcomed another individual into something as serious as a sexual relationship/encounter would want to get acquainted with that person beforehand (if for NO other reason other than to make sure the person is mature enough to conduct themselves accordingly). Just one mans opinion, I'm open to the views of others however ...


rm_bootylic666 52
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9/9/2006 2:41 pm

I really enjoyed every words you said I would like to be the 1 who seconds that motion cause there is alot of men here and women dont get me wrong who just want to get right to it... What if that persons not feeling you then what? Just do them anyways not cool I wonna fuck someone I know I am compatable with not just anyone who has a dick or a strap on lol... But on the reall tip yo go swoosh makes me love ya more smooches to ya babes the bootylic666

bostoncutie07 45F

9/14/2006 11:14 am

Taking time to get to know someone on a level other than sexually, is hugely important to me and you know that. I appreciate your character, your dignity and your class as I know you have been approached by some to just have a "booty call". I can say that your intelligence and your humor (I just read your blog on what you found when cleaning out your computer..is THAT why it was taking so long to view cams????? lol) add to your sexiness.

kimberly2005_06 43F

10/15/2006 2:03 pm

Swoosh, i would like to add that i myself make advances at you on here to see ya smile.Hell who wouldnt want to see that smile.Plus ur a sweetheart. I can laugh with u and at you, but its all about respecting ya preferences and ya point of views (interests).GREATLLY RESPECTED!!!! My "character" on here is who i am inperson. Although theres alot fo times i get men wanting to move right into the whole sexual experience, i feel that that individual needs to know me as i do them. People may "click" on here, but inperson can be totally different. So thats why its always important to KNOW who u are talking to and to get the feel of comfortablity of that person. Thats where the security comes in and makes it easier to meet when and if that time comes. Only depends upon the 2 individuals, and if they feel the compatibility is there. Alot of folks jump too fast on here, and yes, sets themselves up for a let down. Alot of misleadings, and they tend to let the "fear of the unknown" set in. This is not "Found my soulmate.com" It is what it is, a sex chat site, and most seem to forget that. Keep it fun n about smiles, but ya bizz should not be broadcasted in these rooms. Again thats where folks set themselves up once again. The less a person has to know about you, the less they have to use against you. I say to each is own. Just wished every men on this site saw it as u do swoosh........Take care...Kimmy

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