Reunion Times Again  

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5/28/2006 6:54 pm
Reunion Times Again

MMMMMM... Returned from Tennessee on Tuesday. Was SO exhausted from chasing the kiddo around the airport and then the flight that just fell into bed. Wednesday though, the hubs and I made wonderful, sweet love. It's nice to do that. Sometimes we got so turned on we forget we have a marriage to nurture and just want to get it on. Was really nice actually.

The next day my cable guy came over to see me during naptime. Sigh... Twas quite a scene. I just can't get over how he and I are on the same page about things. We just seem to be in tune. He certainly knows what he's doing and I'm learning a lot more than I ever thought I would. He's learning a lot about me too. He's learning how I like my nipples pulled on a little, how I like my breasts spanked lightly, how I cum the hardest and how to make me squeeze on him the hardest. He loves it when I cum on his cock and squeeze down when I have an O. It was a wonderful afternoon delight, got all hot and sweaty and had to turn on the fan. The best part was at the very end when he was fucking me from behind, then went into my as... I just LOVE feeling his cock in my ass. He's so big. It makes me feel so dirty and sexy. I f'ing love it. I'm so glad we met him and his wife. They're quite the pair. And they fit us beautifully.

Friday night my friend the photographer came over and did a photo shoot for me. We had the best time! He was a total professional, until the camera turned off that is. The pictures are a Father's Day present for my hubs who might be going to Korea in a year. I wanted something he could hang on his wall. And then others he couldn't put out in public view. My photog friend definitely took care of that. After the camera turned off I got a massage (he learned it in Thailand) and then we just played and played. I gave him a blowjob until he grabbed my hair and pulled me back. Told me to stop or he was going to cum. I thought that was the idea... He rolled over and went down on me, fingering me and making me cum hard. Ummmmmmmmm... Then he started the teasing... He would tease going in and out really shallow. OMG, drive me crazy. He teased and teased and teased until I finally arched my hips up and took him. He fucked me and fucked me. Everytime I'd cum he'd just urge me along, "Yeah, squeeze... Squeeze baby." Quite nice.

Then he grabbed the lube and went for the back. OMG, that was awesome. He really knew what he was doing. After a little bit of that he grabbed on of my toys I had used in the shoot and used it on me in a modified dp. WOW! I saw stars! When he got ready to cum he pulled out and jerked off the condom so he could cum on my breasts... Well, he cleared my head. Hehe, I think it's safe to say it was good for both of us.

Not sure what this week holds but that's what I've been up to lately. I know that my hubs had some fun while I was in Tennessee and if he ever gets a free minute, I'll have him put up a blog too. Enjoy... I'll post those pictures soon.

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