Reunion Time  

swngcplncosco 39M/35F
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4/16/2006 6:50 pm
Reunion Time

Saturday morning I had a meeting and after it on the way home, I stopped by a buddy's house. I hadn't seen him since I'd had my one last fix before I went on vacation. I walked in the door and he basically attacked me. My clothes were on the floor and I was laid out on the couch almost before I knew what hit me. He teased, he sucked, he licked, he drove me crazy. Finally he looked up at me and asked if he'd teased me enough. My answer? "Never!" He suggested we move upstairs and helped me get up. Then he roughly pulled me to him and started kissing me again. Finally I jerked myself away long enough to say that if we didn't move we never would. I ran up the stairs and he smacked my ass and ran up behind me.

I got in the bedroom and bounced on the bed. He attacked me again. MMMMMMMMM. We did 69 for the longest time and then he started fucking me. Oh boy did he fuck me. He fucked me so hard and I just loved it. He watched me cum over and over and as I would cum he would smile and call me a dirty whore. God, I love that. Not all the time, but this was a crazy enough time that I did. Was just a really great afternoon delight... MMMMMMMMMMMMM... {Sigh...}

Last night the couple we've been hanging out with came over. We played cards and started playing around. We got into oral play, the ladies came a few times and then their phone rang. Their daughter had locked herself out of the house. Oops... Ah, gotta love children. Oh well, there's always next time... Can't say I wasn't frustrated though...

Today we've just been hanging out and having a good day. Kinda headachy now after all that Easter candy.

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