Raining and Pouring  

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8/8/2006 10:18 pm
Raining and Pouring

It's with a somewhat sheepish grin that I write this blog. A good buddy of mine that I hadn't seen since my sister was here and hadn't played with ever got me revved up this afternoon and frankly had been revving me up since we met over a month ago. We had talked about him coming over last week but didn't know if he'd actually get to make it. And then he sent me this email while I was cooking dinner and then bathing the baby:

Hey Sexy,

I would show up just after you put the baby (toddler) down for the night. You would meet me at the door and I would rub your ass and start licking, nibbling, sucking, and kissing your neck. I would then start giving the otherside of your neck the same treatment while my hand would move up your body and start handling your breast. The hand on your ass would squeeze and my fingers of the other hand would softly pinch your nipple. I would then switch again and the hand on your breast would slide down the front of your pants and start to rub your pussy. I would then take my free hand and expose your breast so that i could start to licking and nibbling on your nipple. I would remove your pants and sit you down and start to lick your pussy. My tounge would start at your sweet hole and move up to your clit.......SLOWLY. I would then kiss your clit and suck it into my mouth. I would do this kissing a couple more times then move back down to your sweet hole and dive my tounge deep inside. I would then make your knees touch your chest and start to lick and tounge fuck your ass.

That did it! The toddler went down and he came over. He started kissing on my neck and then slowly took of my clothes. Before I knew it I was on the bed and his tounge was making me cum, on my clit, inside me, rimming my ass, back on my clit. Oh wow, I wonder where he learned to breathe through his ears...? Finally I sat back up and jerked his clothes off so I could go down on him. He had his hands in my hair and was telling me how good it felt. Then he suggested 69. Oh yeah... I love feeling someone licking on my clit while I have a dick in my mouth. Finally he looked at me and asked if I was ready for "my" fucking. Oh yes I was. He pounded me with me on bottom and then went to hands and knees. Then we went to anal. He certainly has a technique for it. I love being pounded hard and he obliged me. I was screaming into the pillow. We collapsed, exhausted.

We had some water, relaxed, and talked for a few minutes, then he leaned over to kiss my neck before getting dressed and we started all over again. MMMMMMM... I rode him for a while and then we went back to hands and knees. He punded the f*ck outta me and I loved every second of it. When he finally did get dressed to leave he kissed my neck again and at the same time we both said that he had to leave or he'd stay all night. Oops...

I'm sheepish because I usually don't play this much. When it rains it pours. It's either feast or faminine I think. Oh well... I'm having fun, being safe, and the hubby thinks it's cool. Guess that's all that matters!

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