Old Friend... Good Times  

swngcplncosco 39M/35F
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7/20/2006 8:39 pm
Old Friend... Good Times

Sunday night I had plans that I had gone through hoops to set up. I have family visiting and they don't know we play. Well, I made up a fake meeting, fixed it all where the hubby would watch the baby and keep the lil sis company, and off I went. Or so I thought. That morning I got a message from the guy saying he'd had to go to New Mexico because his mom had been in an accident and he was really sorry. Well, shit happens. Can't control it. I had no reason not to believe him but I'd already arranged all this, so I had to find somehow to fill 4-5 hours that night. I called a few friends and ended up going to see an old friend who I hadn't seen in a long while. He has no air conditioning so it was a hot and steamy interlude...

We teased each other and played with each other. He went down on me until I begged and begged him "please". I sucked his cock until he kept telling me how good I was at it and how it had been too long since we'd seen each other. I had to agree. I love it when he licks on me and fingers me. Makes me feel so dirty. Later he had me on my stomach and was fingering my ass... Oh my God, I loved that! I was cumming and he came so hard! He shot his cum all over my back. It was so hot on my back and the fan was blowing creating such a contrast. I loved it!

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