Me and My Dom  

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7/8/2006 3:47 pm

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Me and My Dom

MMMMMMMMM... Thursday I got a text message from my dom, "Thinking about my cock in your mouth and fingering your clit until you are exhausted. Are you going to be my nasty little whore tomorrow?" We had plans for Friday night. MMMMMMMMM, love messages like that. Just primes the pump for later. I wrote back that of course I was and I could see that he was already trying to turn me on. His response? "Got hard just writing that. Too bad you're not here. I'd take you in the bathroom, force you to your knees and make you suck my cock until I shot my cum in your mouth." I replied that I loved that and I couldn't wait to be his whore. His response? "My stiff cock is ready to stretch your tight asshole open like the nasty little anal whore you are." I wrote back and told him to please yes, tell me what he wanted. These messages went back and forth for several minutes. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM...

Later that day I called the guy I was supposed to do a simple meet and greet with that night to make sure we were still on. His dad had gotten very sick and he was in Seattle. Oops... I'm really sad that it happened and concerned for his dad, but obviously that had been cancelled. I texted my dom back and told him Thursday night was cancelled and asked what he wanted to do. So off to his house we went.

We got there and he made me his whore, his slut. He told me if I was good he'd take care of me that night. I was and he did. I was his submissive cock sucking whore. I'm only that way with him because I trust him and when we're not playing, we're friends and he doesn't treat me like a whore. There's a time and place for it and he handles it well. He had me on all fours sucking his cock while he was finishing an energy drink... "Cock sucking whore" "Dirty cock sucking whore" "Dirty litle Girl" Then he had me strip down to my panties (he has a thing for panties) bend over and spread my ass. They were black panties. He loves black. He loves it when I expose myself for him. Then he took me to the shower. He loves taking showers with me. Before we could even get to the shower he had me in a tshirt and panties, pinching my nipples until they were hard enough to see through my shirt. He turned me to the mirror and made me look at us. Made me watch him tease me.

When we were in the shower we teased each other. That was so awesome. We washed each other. MMMMMMMMM... We got out and went back to the bedroom. He made me suck his cock again. Then I licked his ass. He loved that. Called me a nasty nasty girl. Then he made me stand up and put my panties back on. He made me turn my back to him and spread my ass again. Then bend over. He just stared at me exposing myself. Then he made me take off my panties and do it again. There I was, totally exposed to him. I felt like such a whore, and I loved it. He kept telling me what a dirty little girl I was, what an anal whore I was, and then he started dp fingering me. I would start to cum and let go and he would say, "I didn't tell you to let go of your ass, keep spreading your ass for me." God, that was so awesome. Finally he told me to get up on the bed, hands and knees.

I did and he licked my ass. MMMMMMMMM, that is so erotic. He licked my pussy, my ass, my clit. I was cumming over and over again. Then he fingered me in both holes and then fucked me, pounded me. I love that, being pounded. He made me beg for it too, like a whore. Kept calling me a whore. MMMMMMMMMMMM... Then he told me to get back on hands and knees (I was laying flat and he was on top of me) and he slid into my ass. Oh god, it was great. He was fucking my ass and told me what a good girl I was because I could take it harder than most. That's when I begged for it harder. OMG, did he give it to me. I kept begging for it harder and harder and while he was giving it to me I was playing with his balls. He kept telling me I was such a nasty little anal whore. I loved it!

What a night... But ironically... Only with him am I that comfortable... MMMMMMMMMMMM

VelvetyHotMocha 42F

7/8/2006 4:36 pm

Good articale. Great story.

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