Go Titans!!!  

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8/20/2006 9:56 pm
Go Titans!!!

Yesterday was the Titans pre-season game in Denver. WooWHO! My hot ass Army bubba friend and I went up there to meet the other couple we were going with. His truck was in the shop, some transmission issue, but he told me not to worry, he'd take care of it. He rolled up to get me in a white Dodge Charger. Oh wow, how sweet is that car! Sorry, everyone, I'm a gearhead. We got up to Denver, checked into our hotel, and then met up with E and M to go tailgate at the game. We had a great time just sitting around drinking beers and grilling. We were the only Titans fans in our lot. LOL! The game was awesome though, I had SUCH a great time soaking up the experience. Was my first pro game ever. We got really cold when the rain came in right before the game and we had to buy Broncos (perish the thought!) sweaters to warm up. I hid my logo, so it was okay. Football goes so much faster when you're drinking margaritas too...

After the game we went back to the hotel, prettied up (and used the hair dryer to dry out our clothes), and he jumped in the hot shower. When he got out he said he needed help warming up. LMAO! It involved my lips on his cock, not sure how that helped, but hey, it's a patriotic duty, right? After dinner we went back to the room and started playing. We definitely had a good time, but then had to pass out because we had to leave Denver in time for me to pick up the kiddo at 0830. YUCKY! But definitely worth the trip!

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