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3/11/2006 11:41 pm

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Busy Girl

Been a busy weekend. Saw a buddy of mine Wednesday night. Always have a great time hanging out with him. He's from back home so we just sit and talk about things that only Southerners understand. It's always a great time. And then we get to play too. It's like the cherry on top. (wink)

Thursday night I went over to a gfs house who'd had a bad day. Logged into my account and almost stopped by a buddy's house on the way home. I didn't because I don't randomly pop into people's houses though. I should have because the next night I finally did get over there and...

Last night was quite... I'm still not sure what to say about it. I absofuckinglutely loved it, don't get me wrong, but I was totally blown away. Went to see a friend from the club that I'd played with once before in a "fulfill his fantasy" situation. I'd liked that a lot and what's that old saying? "Always leave them wanting more"? He had and I did. The hubby just wanted to veg... He'd had a really hard week. That's why I love being in the lifestyle. He can veg and I can still get what I want. (big cheesy grin) Anyway, so I went over and we certainly had a wonderful time. He was giving and generous and I got the best massage! I absolutely love massages. Oh man, was that great! Anyway, had a good time.

As for the rest of this weekend, we had friends over tonight just for dinner. It's always good to get together with good friends. As for other things... There is drama going on in a group that we used to be a part of. I hate seeing it. We didn't want to be pulled into it and aren't. I just hate it when things like this happen. We came in late to the scene so we don't really know what happened but it all happened in about 12 hours. PFFT it was gone. Oh well, life goes on. We are very saddened about it though. It's always heartbreaking when good things go bad. It was fun while it lasted however.

Guess that's it for now. Everyone have a great week!

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