An Icecream Kind Of Day  

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8/2/2006 6:34 pm
An Icecream Kind Of Day

People should be given medals for the type of day I had last Saturday. Woke up to my toddler SCREAMING rather than playing nicely in her crib. Great... Oh yeah, ear infection. And it couldn't have happened through the week, it had to happen over the weekend. Off to the ER we go to get the good ole pink medicine and motrin/tylenoyl regimin. We waited 2 hours, with me walking and singing to her, to see the doctor for a grand total of 5 minutes. He looked in her left ear and said, "Yes ma'am, it's red." I could have told him that 2 hours ago. Grrr... BEFORE I walked 4 miles in the hallway singing everything I could think of, from The Old Rugged Cross to Your Cheatin' Heart. Ah well... And that's not all I did that day.

After we left the ER, we had to go to the pharmacy where the ladies working the pharmacy thought it was social hour. I was one of two people waiting for prescriptions and holding a fussy baby, but they wouldn't quit talking about so-and-so's son's wedding. I finally got back home and put the baby down for a nap while I went grocery shopping at Wal-Mart on the busiest day of the week. By the time I got done there and was waiting in line to check out I called my husband and begged him, "Please don't ever make me come back here." LOL!

All of that while I was cutting a wisdom tooth! I got home and the hubby left for work and then the baby woke back up. She was feeling better though, and partied like a rock star until two hours past her bedtime! I finally had had enough and put her to sleep. A buddy of mine that lives about a mile away asked if I wanted some company. Sure, why not? He came over and brought ice cream, because it had been an ice cream kind of day. We ate ice cream and watched almost an entire movie before he started rubbing my shoulders. That turned into rubbing my neck and back which turned into moving the bedroom to rub me better. I loved being pampered. It just made the whole day melt away. Then he started licking me and OMG! He certainly turned me on. He licked and licked and licked until I didn't think I could take it anymore and then he fucked me until we both collapsed. Later we were laying there together and I turned over to say something to him. He's an ass man and when he saw my ass he got turned on again and started kissing on me. MMMMMMMMMM... So he fucked me again, I love it when you get so into it you just want to go and go and go. Afterwards we talked some more and then he started running his hands on me AGAIN. That did it. I got out my toy and he played with my nipples while I fucked myself. He loved seeing that. Insatiable just isn't the word...

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