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9/11/2006 9:51 pm
Thinking of things

So if you all follow my blog you all know that an overwhelming ammout of posts are made about S2. Well S2 will no longer be apearing in this blog or in my life. I wasnt sure if i wanted to write about this but i figured what the hell. S2 and i have been having sex for a while and i guess things were getting to be to much of falling into the "relationship" relm for his comfort. He read my blog entry the other day where i said i wanted to be in a relationship and i dont know if he thought i was refering to one with him or not but whatever. Because he knows im also looking for something more he decided it would be best for us not to see eachother any more. that was pretty hard for me to understand but i guess i will just have to figure out things on my own.

On another note im wondering what it is with guys who wont sleep with women who are looking for relationships? I am looking for a relationship but not with any of the guys i find on here. I think thats pretty weird and keep my AdultFriendFinder life away from my dating life. But dont get me wrong, if a guy from AdultFriendFinder wanted more i would consider it, but i wouldnt ever initiate anything more. S2 isnt the only guy i have met from this site who has ended things once they realised i was also out there looking for something else. i guess it just doesnt make since to me, i dont want to lie to these guys incase i do enter a relationship but shit should i just not say im also looking for more elsewhere just so these guys wont write me off?

next (yup im in a rambling type of mood!)

When i wrote a few entries ago (its now deleted for reasons that are not that important) about thinking that a certain guy and i would end up togeather i was refering to my best friend. We have been friends for the last 9 years and latley it just has really been on my mind that we may never be togeather. he has always liked really skinny girls which im not and i refuse to loose weight in an attempt to get him so i dont think he would ever be with me. Tonight we went to dinner with some friends of mine and he kept commenting on all the hot waitresses and i just wanted to slap the hell out of him for acting like such a guy (lets face it thats how some of you are). It was just so insensative to do that right infront of me especially since i have told him how i feel in the past and he knows i have body image issues. Way to make me feel good about myself, comment about how pretty every other girl is right infront of me. That really makes me feel good.

sorry for the rambling but this is a blog and i dont really have anyone else to talk to this stuff about...

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