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6/16/2006 1:34 am

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So tonight i went to see S2. He has to be up early for work in the morning and was sleeping when i got there. I woke him up by sucking his cock he didnt cum yet though. He said since i was such a good lil slut for him that he wanted me to get on my back and that i better hurry lol. I got on my back and he went down on me and fingered me at the same time. It had been a while since anyone had done that for me so i came twice and pretty quick. he started to finger my ass to get me ready for his cock. after he was done going down on me he had me stand up and bend over the side of his bed. he got out the lube and fingered my ass until it was nice and lubed up and ready for his hard cock. he got his cock right on my ass and at first it wouldnt go in becaue it was so tight so he fingered it some more. After a minute my ass just wanted his cock so bad so he was able to start putting the head in. He eased his cock all they way up into my ass slowly then he sarted to fuck it hard as he could tell it didnt really hurt any more but it started to feel good. while he was going at it he told me to rub my pussy and get myself off which was no problem. As i started to cum he pulled my hair and head back and shoved his cock all the way into my ass. IT WAS SOOO HOT. After i came he said he was ready and he really went to town on my ass and pulled my hair and went as far as he could inside of me as he filled my ass with his cum. My pussy is getting so wet after just writing this!

rm_HotChariSma 31M

6/16/2006 2:33 am

Nice but I can make better! I have a lot of tricks in the bed and I love horny women!

SirMounts 103M

6/16/2006 8:15 am

Welcome to blogging, swmo. *smiling*

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