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Ok so let me just say that since i had sex with J3 10ish days ago i hadnt had an orgasm i mean AT ALL. Thats along time for me.

F was online and i had one of my famous messages up on Y chat "Looking to get laid." That message usually gets me attention and when F was online he started to talk to me. So after some chit chat we decided lets get laid lol so we had to find somewhere since we both live with our parents. F decided he didnt want to risk sneaking into the basement so we decided to try and scope out a spot on a certain road out on the edge of town. once we found a spot on the side of the road a car came by so we decided to try a better spot. We ended up finding one and we got settled. F settled back in his chair and i proceded to suck him off. After swallowing all of him we got into the back. It was time for F to return the favor. let me just tell you what i was wearing first, i was wearing a black strappless tube top dress with panties and no bra. I got into the back of his blazer (not sure the type of SUV) and took off my panties. While laying on my back F started to go to work on my clit and then he fingered my pussy. After making me cum a few times we were trying to figure out the best way and i mentioned to F a few days before that i wanted to feel what his dick would feel like if i got on top and we decided that may be the way to go. So i got on top and started to ride his cock after i came for the second time on top i just had to get off because i was so sensative. I told F i was going to need a minute and that i really wanted him to fuck me from behind off of the end of his vehicle. so after waiting a second for me to gain my composure lol. We were just about to go at it and a car ended up driving by and we ended up jumping up into the back of his SUV and hiding lol. After the car left he said i should turn over and lay on my back. So i laid down on my back and pushed up my dress. laying with all my business to the world and having him standing up outside of the car and then getting on top of me like that was sooooooo hot. He just started to go to town on me. I had to tell him to slow down because with a dick like that you can hurt a girl! There were a few cars that drove by on the main road but none of them turned down the side road so he just kept on going. even though it wasnt that comfrotable it was sooo hot fucking outside where we could get caught like that!

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