A fantasy  

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8/14/2006 11:21 pm
A fantasy

so i like to day dream about sex so here was my day dream i had today.

I walk into your house and you sitting by the tv just hanging out waiting for me to come over. Im wearing a skirt and cute top with panties and a bra. i come into the living room and i sit down next to you. we talk for a while and then you cant help but start to run your hands up my legs that i have stretched out to rest on the coffee table. you dont put them up under my skirt though, you just run them up and down my legs looking at how tan and feeling how smooth they are. You know i like a long tease so you start to see me looking at you knowing that just touching me like that is starting to set my mind racing. You tell me how nice i look and inside of my head i think to myself of how i got dressed and looked nice just for you. you sit up on the couch and i lean in and rest on your shoulder and you put your arm around me and move it up and down my shoulder and arm caressing it. I take the hint and move in to kiss you. When we kiss it feels so good. We kiss for a few moments and then you stand up grab my hand and lead me to your room. i start to undress you and at the same time you start running your hands up and down my sides feeling my body. You start to undress me and i remove my shirt and bra. you come in close and you put your hands on my waist and start to kiss me then move down to my neck and onto my tits then you give them a squeeze and start to lick my nipples. then i moan and start to breathe heavy as you lift up my skirt and squeeze my ass bringing me closer into you. finally i slip my skirt and panties off. I get down on my knees and you sit back on the edge of the bed. I start to slowly lick my tounge around your now hard cock just teasing the head until you start to moan. as i see your enjoying it i go in and start sucking but not to fast at first. as i suck your cock i also flick the underside of your head with my tounge and i even lick on your trimmed balls a few times. you reach down and motion for me to get onto the bed. I do as im shown and i lay on my stomach on the bed. you begin to run your hands all down my back grabbing onto my ass and rubbing my ass with your hands moving closer to my pussy. you put your hands inbetween my thighs and move them appart and you put your fingers into my wet slit and run your hands from my clit to my wet pussy getting me soaking wet. You finally begin to finger fuck my pussy and it feels so good that i cant help but raise my ass and pussy up into the air so you can get me even better. as you can tell im about to cum and im pratically in a doggy style position you reach up and feel my tit with one hand and finger my pussy with the other just as i begin to cum. i turn onto my back and you begin to get on top of me. You begin to kiss me with such passion i know your about to give me the fuck of my life you hover above me with your dick inches away from my pussy and i can feel that its so close to me that i move so it brushes against my wet pussy so you can feel how your making me. you start to put the head in slowly at fist then you draw it out quick and put it back in slow after doing this and making me really want you to fuck me harder you start to fuck my pussy faster. when you can tell your going fast enough to make me almost cum you slow down and take all but the head out. You start to move just the tip in and out so teasing my pussy that i just want to push myself up and onto your dick hovering above my pussy. after teasing me so much i almost cant take it you fuck me faster and start to go very deep and then move your hips against me then you fuck me so hard that im about to cum and you finally let me have my first orgasm after all of that teasing. You then smile at me knowing how good you just made me feel and your ready to cum. You know how i love it when you tease me with just the head so you start to do that again but every few thrusts you start fucking me hard and then you slow down again. as you see im about to cum ao you start fucking my pussy so hard that it almost makes it hurt but it also feels so good just having your dick slamming into me. As i cum and wrap my legs around you i can tell your also cumming at the same time. You slow down and continue to fuck me until you cant anymore.

*normally i like it really hard spanking and bdsm stuff but today this was on my mind!*

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