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7/24/2005 6:53 am

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I can't really explain why but women who are type of woman who can have a loving relationship with a special man and she also is a nymph who loves group sex of her taking in multiple men, 3somes, 4somes, gangbangs, is extremely appealing and interesting.

I've always had a special friendship and attraction to those women that a friend or coworker will tell you is one hot wild woman away from work. You know what I mean. Like one night I was sitting on a bar stool playing the on screen trivia game with some others at the bar. Then a very nice looking woman walked up got a drink said hello to one of the guys and walked away. Turned out they knew each other from their place of work. Then one of the other guys told us all how he heard she was one of those women who was rumored to participate in gangbangs at times.

And there she was out in public having fun with her parents and sisters and brothers.

In all respects a very normal down to earth woman who liked to get kinky with lots of men because that turned her on.

That is very interesting and appealing to me. When I was younger right out of high school there would have been no way. Jealousy and all that "my girl" stuff. Now that I'm more mature and experienced in worldly matters its easy to separate love from sex. A woman who likes to get kinky for the "fun" and "sexual pursuits" should be able to fully understand all this.

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