From 5/26/2006 Frickin Water  

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6/27/2006 8:13 am
From 5/26/2006 Frickin Water

Water, it provides life to our planet. It refreshes and purifies the tired mind and body.

Water right now I am pissed off at you. Last night I discovered part of my garage was flooded, because of the water heater. Today, I spent $1250 getting it replaced, because the water had corroded it. Fucking water.
The story becomes even more interesting though. I currently have restoration people over here, fixing the damage created by the water that went all over the place.

They're using all these strange dehumidifiers and fans, and things. Luckily they only have to tear out one thing. Of course that thing is the frame for the new water heater, because the moisture has totally destroyed the drywall on it. Meanwhile, the carpet that graced half the garage when got this place is being removed in totality. I am hiding upstairs with the birds, hoping that all the work will be done before the evening starts.

I have been unable to take a shower all day, I'm afraid that when wifey arrives home from work she will not want to give me a hug. Water, fricking water... Talking about it has made me realize that I am thirsty. This is the lousiest Friday lead up to a 3 day weekend in history.

The previous post in this journal was so much better. Read that instead. It'll make you laugh, maybe.

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