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swfgina 43F
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1/24/2006 12:00 pm

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3/26/2006 10:44 am

just me!

i really just wanna meet the man of my dreams is that to much to ask? i have been divorced twice and i loved being married i just have not met the right one to stay with i thought i had a few times but i was wrong i want a good relationship in all departments sex, conversATion, ability to handle yourself when we are out and another man flirts with me, possible 3-some with anothere woman or 4-some with couples i'm not even apposed to swinging i just want an honest man that knows what he wants out of life!

AusTxman032 51M
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1/24/2006 12:22 pm

LOL..I dont think you will have a problem. Those are absolutely GORGEOUS tits..just be totally honest with him...with what you want..and put him to the test early. You will find out if he is for real...or a wanna be Swinga...LOL

Good Luck Gina!

dipset777 33M
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1/24/2006 1:41 pm

i think ur right i think u need a down to earth guy like email me AdultFriendFinder

stillgoodbadboy 59M

1/24/2006 2:08 pm

you just need to be yourself and communicate both verbally and by your persona who you really are and what your requirements are... a beautiful face and/or body to die for are always great visually.... however, one should be able to recognize over a good bottle of wine / dinner if they are initially compatable... one kiss will tell if we could be lovers... but if both of you cannot be pleasently inside one another mentally and physically (and not necessarily always at the same time) then it is and will always be just lustful playmates.

swfgina 43F

1/24/2006 2:27 pm

help austexasman what do u mean put em to the test ?

ErosHunger 48M

1/24/2006 5:57 pm

Hi there, too bad I'm far away

Great to meet you...virtually speaking anyway!

rm_wenchang1966 47M
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1/24/2006 8:57 pm

I want to be as your sex partner. give you e-mail adress.

rm_hotwally32 45M

1/26/2006 7:49 am

Hey Gina, I think what he meant is tell him right up front, or at least as soon as possible, all of the things you just wrote in your blog. That way, he knows where you are coming from, you will know if he is ok with all of it. You can save a lot of time and heartache that way. He's right!

KrautPhylaAxile 48M

2/12/2006 10:10 pm

Hi Gina, I agree with the "being honest up front comments". I think you need to talk a little more before having sex. And I will go out on a limb here, but I bet most guys get a look at you and will say whatever it is that they think you want to hear. You are very nice looking and you have a great body, and probably get a 100 guys a day telling you how bad the want to fuck you, or play with your tits. My advice would be to delete those emails! Mostly because they are concerned about themselves, and not really including you. I would force the guy to talk, actually communicate significant ideas in sentence form, about what it is that he is looking for. If a guy cannot tell you in less than 2 or 3 sentences, something other than "I want a chick with big tits that wants to fuck a girl" then its "adios"!

Thats my .02.
Hope this helps

bigdaddybrott 45M

2/22/2006 11:21 pm

I know we would get along wonderfully, and if you want to see for yourself, drop me a line at AdultFriendFinder I look forward to hearing from you!

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