counting men  

sweetypie2004 50F
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9/10/2006 9:25 am
counting men

I got asked last night how many guys I had met.
I dare not think and some I forget.
I was a late starter too shy .
I was a virgin in my one true relationship and so was he.
Nine years with the same guy fantasising what it would be like to make love to his friend , guys stood each morning at the bus station and even a guy I worked with.
Then I got introduced to the internet. His fault he had tried introducing me to PCs but I was only fleetingly interested.
Strange I started emailing a guy the same age has him , two years younger than me and the difference was amazing.
Grass isn't always greener but by that summer I was discontent and moved out of a 9 year relationship.
The first guy I met was on his birthday a guy I might add had contacted me whilst still with my ex but only til I left home did I get to know him.

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