sweetypie2004 50F
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9/10/2006 2:51 am

I messed it up . I got cold feet I should have had the day with what appears a charming decent kind sweet guy, who I also find attractive.I could still be with him chucking him out or vacating an hotel room now if Id had the nerve.
Instead I found myself home alone Friday night my son deciding to sleep out. And Saturday twice my son came home to check up on me. With the threat he could be home permanently.
Id also got carried away talking to someone new and I ended up telling a white lie to him later. Id have met him on an impulse but I changed my mind after some of the things he liked doing sexually did not appeal to me. I personally dont think he is being totally honest with me.
The good thing though was I got to talk to him when he finally gave up acting all agony uncle to several damsels in distress. I cant believe I felt twinges of jealousy there. We spent the rest of the night camming. This isn't something I feel totally comfortable with and usually avoid at all costs but he does make me feel comfortable and at ease.
I just hope when I meet him its has good the feeling.

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