Crush part two  

sweetypie2004 50F
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8/24/2006 2:50 pm
Crush part two

Hmmmmmm gonna reply to all of you on my last post but made me think more about the crush.

Had one before got close to someone but made the mistake of telling him and it caused all kinds of problems from not talking to one another to totally falling out.But I realised through that I wasn't in love or in lust with him I just really cared. You cant really know someone from words because they can tell you anything they want , lies that decieve you. Anyway you build up an image thats not real all the good things not the stuff that would drive you crazy.

But I do like this guy and I might come close to telling him how I feel but not that close cos first of all I dont want to ruin things.
Second Id hate for him to say well I dont feel the same. Its fantasy and keeps life exciting if you know what I mean .

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