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6/25/2006 7:25 am

"Have you ever wanted to be with a woman?" Julie asked curiously.
Catherine was surprised she asked that, but she just looked down and didn't say anything. Julie walked over to her bunk bed, and sat down beside her. Catherine looked up to find Julie's vodka smelling mouth only 4 inches away from hers. Julie looked in her eyes and said;
" I have been with women, but I want you to experience it now".
And with that Julie touched Catherine's face gently, lovingly stroking her cheek. Catherine wanted to pull back and run out of the cabin, but she didn't. She felt mounted in place. Julie started to run her fingers along Catherine's pouty lips and down onto her neck. Catherine felt that familiar tingling between her legs and started to become wet again. Catherine just looked at Julie, not knowing what to do. She started to feel violated and very aroused at the same time. Julie leaned forward and put her lips on Catherine's ever so gently. Catherine kissed her back and within 10 seconds, they were exploring each other's tongues. Catherine had to catch her breath when the kiss broke.
"Lie down Catherine". Julie said erotically.
Catherine was so mesmerized by this that she lay down as asked.
Julie lay beside her and got up on one elbow and with the other hand started to trace the contours of Catherine's face and neck. She started to kiss Catherine's face and neck as her hand moved down to Catherine's right breast. Catherine stiffened but Julie told her that she wasn't going to hurt her and Catherine relaxed a bit. Julie started massaging Catherine's breasts and found each nipple and gently pinched them. Catherine let out a quiet moan of pleasure. Slowly Julie found the bottom of Catherine's shirt and worked her way up over her flat belly and over top her bra covered breasts. She found the front clasp and undid the bra, letting Catherine's breasts fall out gently. She then lifted Catherine's shirt up all the way and began kissing her on the belly, tracing up towards her perky breasts. She found a hard nipple and began to slowly and gently suckle it. Catherine let out another sigh of pleasure and thought she would never experience anything like this in her life and was glad it was happening. Julie had both nipples standing straight up and marveled at her accomplishment. She put her had gently down towards Catherine's elastic of her leggings, looked at her, and gently kissed her as her hand slowly found her pubic mound covered by the thin material of her panties. Catherine involuntarily pushed her pelvis up as Julie's fingers found her little bud through her panties. Julie moaned at the feel of her shapely mound. She pressed on her bud with her finger and moved around in a firm circle.
Catherine was already moaning and sighing out loud, lost in her pleasure. Julie sat up and started to remove Catherine's leggings, leaving her panties. Julie looked at Catherine's long shapely legs, and ran he hands up her calf and thigh.
"You have the most beautiful legs". Julie said in wonderment. All Catherine could do was let out a delightful sigh, and at that moment, all of her inhibitions of this experience were gone. She wanted to touch Julie all over and give her pleasure. She tried to get up but Julie gently lay her back down on the bed. Julie straddled overtop Catherine and bent down to kiss her gently, then more deeply. Catherine's hands moved to Julie's arms then up over her back. Julie sat up and removed her own shirt and bra. Catherine couldn't help but stare and touch the large breasts of her newfound friend. She gently pinched her nipples and stroked every part of her breasts. Julie moaned softly, and then bent down so Catherine could taste her breasts. Catherine explored them with wonder and excitement as her hands moved down to Julie's tight ass, which she had been staring at for so many days. Julie giggled when Catherine nibbled on one of her breasts but Catherine couldn't help it, she wanted all of Julie.
Julie then started back down Catherine's belly and towards her pussy. Catherine watched her as she went down and was curious about what she was going to do. Julie started to kiss just above her panty line, and then down toward her covered clit. She started probing and tonguing her clit and covered hole as if she was trying to pry through the panties. Catherine started to buck up towards Julie's hungry tongue, wanting more. Julie moved Catherine's panties down and off her gorgeous legs and came back up in between her thighs. Julie tried to spread Catherine's legs open more but Catherine felt that familiar uneasiness and Julie quickly made that feeling subside when she started to caress Catherine's little nub with her thumb. She kept moving in circles over the nub and went towards her tight hole for some juices. She started to slip in a finger when juices started to come out without any help. She slipped her index finger in and explored the inside of her friends canal. Catherine was already squirming on the bed, moaning in pleasure. Julie moved her face towards Catherine's awaiting clit and gently put her tongue on it, moving slowly, trying not to do things to quickly. Catherine's eyes opened wide with this new pleasure. Julie started to get quicker with her tongue and eventually Catherine was panting and squirming like a dog in heat. Julie put her lips around Catherine's swollen clit and started to suck and lick at the same time all the while her fingers working furiously inside Catherine's pussy. Juices were flowing out everywhere and Catherine was bucking wildly as if to get more of Julies tongue on her clit. Julie took out her finger, and slowly inserted another along with it. Julie continued to tongue Catherine's hard swollen clit and finger her, when Catherine started to somewhat panic and tried to move away from Julie. Julie knew Catherine had never had an orgasm before and didn't know what to expect but she still tried to keep her tongue working on her clit. Julie moved her fingers out of Catherine, and put them under her soft butt, trying to keep her in place. All of a sudden, Catherine let out a loud cry of pleasure as her whole body shook with a raging orgasm. Julie kept prodding her little clit as fast as she could and Catherine just kept cumming. Catherine felt every extremity of her body pulsate from this wonderful feeling and she kept moaning over and over. In about 5 minutes she stopped shaking and Julie moved back up towards Catherine's face.
"What...happened to me?". Catherine asked, still slightly short of breath.
"You had an orgasm". Julie said matter-of-factly. Julie was now extremely turned on after that experience, and Catherine had a feeling of what to do.
Catherine flipped Julie over without saying anything and started to suck Julie's breasts, kiss every part of Julie. Julie was already moaning quite loudly. Catherine was totally excited about making Julie feel the way she just did. It may have been slightly premature, but Catherine went straight down for Julie's pussy. Julie stopped her though, and brought Catherine overtop her so she could access her as well. In the 69 position, Catherine bent over, and took her first smell and taste of a female. Without any experience, she was still able to make Julie moan and grunt in pleasure. She just kept working her tongue over Julie's large clit very quickly and occasionally putting a finger or two inside Julie's hole. In a matter of a couple minutes, Julie had 2 orgasms but the two girls kept working on each other for over an hour. They both were spent and drenched with sweat and love juices as they both lay down beside each other, stroking each other's face and hair and sharing in passionate kisses.
"Did you like that sweetie?" Julie asked with care.
All Catherine did was gently pull Julies glowing face towards hers and kiss her and they both knew this was something that was special.

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