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I have been very fortunate over the past 25 years in that I have a husband who has complete faith and trust in me. If I tell him something then the matter is settle-it doesn't matter what someone else may tell him or evidence they show him, he ALWAYS believes what I tell him. Now this kind of blind faith and trust can be misused..I know, because I did just that early in our relationship, until I realized what a true gift it is to have that kind of faith and devotion. I also saw what it was costing him in friends and family because he always supported me no matter what. Believe me I do not take it for granted any longer, nor do I abuse it....I tell you this to set up the following situation.

Met this guy on AdultFriendFinder, have spoken of him before, great in the sack and all that. But, that is all it is for me..he has other partners-I have other partners. I know that there is a level of trust we must have with each other to be discreet and based on my past I would never betray a partner in any way..If you are out there playing you are responsible for the consequences if you get caught, but I will never allow myself to betray a partner and take a chance of ruining a marriage or family situation.

So anyway, this guy and I have had some great times, when suddenly, out of the blue he accuses me of making late nite phone calls to interfere in his life. He knows how much my husband and family mean to me..I swore on their lives that I did not betray him but made no difference. Now if a partner wants to go their own way, thats fine, thats what the site is all new people, have fun, no strings..but to accuse me of betrayal and the more I think about it the more I am convinced it was just his way of breaking it off. What is wrong with honesty, hey, had some fun, want something different, moving on.

It amazes me the number of people out there playing games, when they don't have to...I mean what is easier, join a site set up primarily for sex, meet someone, have fun for as long as both partners are into each other and move on. As long as you are clean and D/D free I don't care who your other partners are and I sure as hell don't kiss and tell.

rm_fisherman350 58M

3/19/2006 4:33 pm

Wow, After reading your post wish I could of meet you a while ago, and even still now. If you can not handle the fire then all should get out of the Kitchen

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