Hotwife fantasy  

sweettantraTN 53M
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9/11/2006 6:07 am

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4/6/2007 6:33 am

Hotwife fantasy

Do you fantasize about your girlfriend or wife having sex with another man?
Yes, but I'd never tell her
Yes, we like to talk about it
Yes and it is not a fantasy anymore

rm_spinxred 42M
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9/11/2006 6:46 am

hi! i want yo mate a women thats good for me...

realjewel2007 58M  

9/16/2006 6:31 am

Hot wife fantasy

Do you fantasize about your girlfriend or wife having sex with another man?

Ever sense my Girlfriend and I, got together; 'one of
the frist things I let her know! was? if "she ever
thought or desired to want to fuck a norther guy!
Alla's she had to do is invite him over and join us
in a three-some. I then asked? her if there was
any one that she might have the hots for? She replied
with a "yes".
Long story short! about 3 hourse latter we were on are
way to go pick him up; and bring him back to are place.
He was a good looking kid! about 27 years old 6"2' med
leingh hair, and a frim body, I could see why? my Girl-
friend wanted to fuck him? so I thought? after we had a
few drinks!and a little chit-chat; ' all of a sudden, "I
heard my Girlfriend ask him? 'from where I was, in the other
room! if she could suck his cock!. By the time I got into
the front room! she already had his cock deep down her thoart!
As I watched his cock slowly slide out of her throat! I was
a mazed, of how huge and thick this guys cock was?,
as I watched her swallow his huge thick cock! I coun'nt bel-
eave who? turned on and horny I was getting?.
At frist I was a little jelouse! but that only lasted a
few minutes? 'then I joined in for a little while! as I
whispered in her ear, "who turned on I was? when I was watch-
her suck his cock! and Would it be alright if I just sad back
and watched you guys fuck? She was moore than delighted
to let me kick-back and watch! as she let her friend,
fuck her any way he wanted? "with that huge thick cock of his".
From that night on! I was hooked? still to this day! I fantasy
about watching my Girlfriend fuck other guys??
20 years latter and we still have a great sex!!!

By Steve Roller

jimbeam4men 59M/59F

9/17/2006 1:45 pm

Seeing my wife with another man at a swingers club opened a new door for me sexually. I was so turned on watching my wife enjoy another man in ways I had no idea she was capable of. It was such a turn on I quite missing with a woman I had been making out with.. After the first time seeing my wife enjoying a stranger, I was and am hooked. It has got to the point now where she openly tells me she I can not satisfy her with my small penis and has be on the internet looking for good looking men with large cocks to fuck my wife. She has a lover now, who she continuously tells that she is his whore and her pussy belongs to him. She makes me help her dress for her lovers arrival while she gets me excited telling me what she going to do with his hard cock. She also tell me what she wants me to do when she is making love to her man. She wants me to stand near by naked playing with my small penis. Her lover will talk to me while he is with my wife. He will say things like, This how my woman needs to be fucked, as he is ramming his thick cock into pussy. Or when she is sucking his cock he will look over at me and ask me if I like watching his wife suck a real man's cock. I respond by nodding and saying yes I do. When her man is finished fucking and cumming in my wife, she likes me to go down on her and lick all the juices from her pussy. Sometimes her lover will come out of the bathroom and tell me to clean his pussy real good. jimbeam4men

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