sweetnslownsoft 58F
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8/14/2006 5:24 pm

Perhaps I need to prepare for a change? I like the idea of making a promise. I like the idea of keeping promises. I wonder if I should prepare my heart for an upcoming broken promise? A little prep work on my part eases the pain a little for me. I could actually plan for any and all upcoming broken promises. I could develop Plan A, Plan B, etc. I could brace myself. I could start focusing on the "bigger picture." I could fast-forward through all the gammit of emotions I'll experience. I could grow distant. I could "rubberband" my moods.


why would I waste time in such an endeavor?
why would I want to believe in you?
why would I give up on you?

I suppose I'd ask, why did you give up on me?
Yeah, figured you'd get my point.

Yes, I'll be fine.
Yes, I'll cry.
Yes, I'll think about you.
Yes, I'll move on.
Yes, I'll still be a friend.
Yes, I'll call from time to time.
Yes, I'll miss you.
Yes, I'll dream about how it might have been different.
Yes, I'll cry some more.
Yes, I'll take time to heal.
Yes, I'll always love you.

Think I might get it right someday? Is there really a right? Or, is there something I haven't considered?

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