Discontent comes to visit...  

sweetnslownsoft 58F
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1/26/2006 5:19 pm
Discontent comes to visit...

Dear Discontent:
Hello my dear friend. I see you are trying to creep back into my life. Ok, well, pull up a chair if you think you need to stay awhile. You really aren't welcome, but an occasional discussion with you sets us both on track.

You want me to complain? Why? I am one of the luckiest ladies in the world. Do you want me to find something or someone to belittle? Why? I have dear friends and a wonderful family. Do you want me to congratulate you for finding me again? Why? I don't fear you anymore.

I know you are always there for me if I want to have my little pity parties. Maybe a pity party every once in a while is a ok thing. It gets old though.

Well, hey my old companion, time for you to go.
I am the one who can tell you to go whenever I want. Remember? I know when you knock at my door, I know when I need to experience your negative nature, I know when it is time for you to leave.


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