What do you think is sexy?  

sweetmissvixen 50F
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7/25/2006 10:00 pm

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8/8/2006 9:03 pm

What do you think is sexy?

In getting started here, I've been recieving some very interesting pictures and descriptions-(sassy wink) but truth be told looks aren't always what I find the most attractive about someone.
Maybe another woman looks for something different but for me its the way someone is....their sense of humor, their thoughtfulness, their interest ....nothing is sexier to me than someone who doesn't play games, shows a real interest in you..even if its comparing fantasies but knowing they really want you and not just a warm body to be with....
I love a wicked sense humor...someone who will play along with you....maybe you want to explore a favorite fantasy, something wicked something wild or something sweet and they don't really care as long as you take them along for the ride.
Someone to tease with, to seduce with, to show affection to...sometimes people forget the true power of touch...or a glance-do you know how much you can say with at tilt of your head or certain smile... not just another wham bam thank you mam kind of attitude but a connection. So while specific size and inches may do for some its the things that aren't always on the surface that can really turn me on....although admitally charm, a deep throaty sexier than hell voice and some dashingly vibrant eyes, strong exploring hands....ummm well they don't hurt either (bad vixen!)

ZZ_Todd 60M

7/25/2006 11:44 pm

Sexy is in the eyes of the beholder... I like it when I'm not blasted with the obvious, when my own imagination is free to fill in the blanks.

sweetmissvixen 50F
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7/26/2006 11:44 pm

I totally agree...sometimes the imagination can be very
intoxicating ...the anticipation and thought of what may
be can create some very exotic pictures in your mind....

rm_sizzlers1972 45M/40F

7/27/2006 3:23 pm

You seem to be interesting would like to have fun with you

EnterFoistClack 50M
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8/7/2006 3:41 pm

As you slowly inch yourself forward, deliberately rubbing you now swollen nipples as they try in vain to escape from their lacy bondage. Your lips and the very tip of your tongue trace and lightly make their way down my chest as your nipples pass my growing member. You look up at me, our eyes fixed upon one another's as we feel the passion and anticipation growing, bonding as if to energize the air along with the growing scent of our musky passion that begs to be unleashed. You continue your gaze into my eyes as your tongue begins to follow my manhood from the base to the tip in slow lazy circular patterns. As I reach to take hold of your head to pull your loving mouth down upon my hardness, your brush my hands away and look deeper into my eyes 'not to move' with a look that is unmistakeable. You slowly envelope my growing hardness, not once breaking eye contact. Then your warm mouth leaves me, glistening in the candle light as I notice you positioning your body by placing the wet lips of your womanhood on the tip of my now highly excited hardness. Slowly, you ease your hips down, my cock sliding in slowly. The look in your eyes begins to tell me that you are heavenly into the feel of your now growing fullness. Just as your eyes slightly glaze over, I feel your smooth lips kissing my inner thighs. You gently slide your body weight forward and backward a few times, feeling me deep inside of you. Your eyes have dilated now, and you unconsciously lick your lips as your very gently begin to rise pulling me out of you. I break eye contact with you to see that my hardness is now glistening with your sweet wetness. Your mouth returns to my groin, gingerly savoring the sweet musk your hot body has left behind for your to savor. While you are beginning to go futher down on me, you position your wetness above my face and gently lower your sweet musk within my tongues reach. You utter a slight moan as my hard tongue finds your scent and begins to slowly enter your hotness. We are so into the moment that nothing else matters. The pleasures unfolding for each of us is as if it were the first time. Every fiber of our being finely tuned to the moment. Our musky scent begins to fill the room with the sweet scent of hot sex. Neither of us are in any hurry as we savor the moment, locked in a passion so strong yet only beginning to blossom into an experience only read about by others yet we, now in this moment, share a bond that our souls are as close to being one as humanly possible in our physical presence. Our minds seem to drift together, each knowing what the other is desiring, each giving total pleasure to the other, each receiving total enjoyment and desire that neither of us want to end. Our souls become intoxicated on one another, as our bodies continue to enjoy the taste we offer to the fullfilling sensations.

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