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sweetmagnolia69 44M/48F
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8/16/2006 2:14 pm
Still Looking

Now, in an effort to keep this blog current, frequently one has to explore the world and come back with a new thought process based on what they find. What I have found is that many individuals, females specifically, have adesire to explore new avenues of sexuality however they are scared to post a picture. This makes no sense to me. If you consider yourself to be a sensual and desirable person, what better way to express it than through the art and beauty of a picture. As I thumb through the people on the site, I come across profiles and interesting names, yet I hate the fact that there is no picture. I typically respond first to those with pictures. We get emails and winks yet no picture. Please, don't be afraid to show how beautiful your body is no matter what size you may be...I can see your face later but when you know what you are looking cuts down on the guessing when you can go for what wets your pallet.

rm_rubie80 37F
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8/16/2006 2:37 pm

i agree! by the way, i love your pic! xxx

rm_Gordon34x2 55M
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8/19/2006 9:00 am

I agree 100%. If the need to be discreet is a must just put a non face pic on the site. It cuts down on unnecessary winks and contacts. Most people have a particular body type they are looking for so pics are a must!!!

rm_martyh9 36M
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1/13/2007 12:14 pm

get at me on yim martyh99

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