which body part do you like to grab and hold on to?  

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which body part do you like to grab and hold on to?

Body part of the Day for Wednesday 8/3

Back of Biceps (Arms) We all have trouble areas. Really based on one of the three body types that people can have one of these two areas is probably a problem spot for you. So what do you do..figure out which one you are and sexercise more. (just making sure you are paying attention. Lol) But seriously, knowing your blood type and your body type not only will help feel better, and live longer..but it will help be better in bed as well. Don’t believe it..ask a doctor. When you eat the right things for your blood type..male or female you have blood pumping (hint, hint) and more hormones as well. Nothing wrong with not falling asleep on people is there? Personally my arms probably look better than my back and are easier to keep or make big and cut up. Yet, I also know that is genetics.
Granted there is a bunch of things I can use either body part for. = )

So the body part of the day..what do you say? You can also say what you like to do with either body part. Or you can post a pic of yours..

You can see my back here and my arms on an earlier post..Check out the story "fun and Gun" There is nothing worse than trying to meet someone for some fun..and not being told about the other man who wants to chase you with a shot gun..ouch!

check it out..it's funny.

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