Traveling..Arizona & New Mexico...  

sweetlovethe94 42M
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8/30/2006 3:34 pm
Traveling..Arizona & New Mexico...

So as I have said before..Tuesday is traveling Tuesday.

Nothing like getting dragged all over the place with work. Off to parts of Arizona and New Mexico over the next week and some change.

Other than the Grand Canyon is there anything "cool" to see or do in either place.

I was in phoenix for a conference earlier this yeas but pretty much saw the same street and hotel and that was it..


For me, when it comes to traveling it is usually really only due to work..or because it seems like half of my family or friends have someone in their family could die, did die or something..

Not exactly the best reason in the world to be traveling..

I use to travel a lot from military..
Then because I was sick of places along with drama..

now it is pretty much work that has me bouncing around that and checking on people dying.

Not sure what the heck is in the water but it seems like people are taking the "it's time to leave the building" pill or something lately.

People from 20 to 80 that are relatives or friends of family, etc seem to be dying left and right..

go figure..

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