The lies that come from between the thighs..smack talking with the wrong head..  

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8/6/2006 4:01 am

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The lies that come from between the thighs..smack talking with the wrong head..

Oh snap..oh wish you wish you could take it back.

Okay it’s Wednesday and something crazy just popped in my head. Laying here in bed. Why on earth do people lie? Some to act fly and other just to..I don’t know…to try? To be something they will never all makes laugh. People lying about how many people they have been with. Okay granted I don’t count 3…we did whatever but just could not get it in. Two..not sure why..the other (Australian) found out later I guess she had “issues” down there..long story and I’ll keep her business off of her. But look out for the “thunder down under” because that aussie and I were really saucy together..So I don’t count three and I have seen a lot more women naked or had more oral sex than actual intercourse. (when younger.. I was often the “rebound man”..oh I don’t know I still love him..or the girl would do anything and eeeeeeeeeverything but that..that being penetration) Okay let me stop..

What am I rambling about? It’s a story about shape and size. I knew this guy who was Italian and black. Women always found him to be really hot and good in bed. Well on day he was running around boasting. Man.. I laid down my 6 inches and …we all fell out laughing.. He was about 6’ 2..we all thought..well just assume..that they way that women talked about him..he was like an 8, 9 or 10 or something.

He was having sex with 35 year olds and peoples wives at 15 and 16. I guess he just knew how to do the “dew” I guess. So does size always matter? his case.. I guess he could throw it down like no one else. That or maybe they only been with short men before.. who knows?

Talk about a funny story today.. you wish you wish you can take it back. When you bragging to those with 2 to 5 inches more than that. Humbled on hung day..what can I say. It is not always size that gets the…it is about position..and not starting until you know you are on the right spot to make it hot. What am I talking about..check out the profile. That was one funny day…but not as funny as the day.. I walked in on a bunch of them having a train with some ladies..Tampa (my girl then) and I walked in and tired from a few hours play (sex all day..what else is college for?..check out “take it to the limit” future blog for more) we stopped by and said “hey”..but were way to tired to even play. Come and ride that train…and ride it.. I can’t hide it..those guys were crazy and the ladies also..but that’s another story for another time. Remember have to get yours before I can get mine. = )

rm_PurryKitty2 49M/51F
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8/6/2006 6:47 am

I want to be in the train!

Purry {=}


sweetlovethe94 42M

8/11/2006 3:39 am

that was a few years ago..but we can always start a new one..
cum and ride that train..and ride it..

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