Rude, crude..lude..and just flat ..Hey...South Texas..  

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8/10/2006 3:25 am

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Rude, crude..lude..and just flat ..Hey...South Texas..

Okay a little mixture of Hung day with traveling Tuesday.

There are good things and bad things that sort of "come with the territory" with certain things..

Many wish they were taller, shorter, etc. But many who are that way..wished they were the opposite way.. The classic..the grass is greener on the other side of the fence type thing.

Well anyway..while traveling the other day..(in Texas) I ran into something I had not seen be that bad since maybe Europe.

Many times certain toilets kind of have a short other words they are not as deep as normal.

Well..needless to say..there is nothing worse than having to use a public restroom and you are Hanging. in the can be annoying to have to hold your thing while you try to "drop some dew"..

Granted it can be bad in some normal toilets..but shessh..this was rrrrrrrrrrrrridiculas!?!?!
So what about you all out there any similar situations while traveling or just in everyday life? Has being short, tall, built, etc..been a problem in any places. I know I have heard many complain about it all. Legs to long, tops on women, of pants on men or women, etc. There can be an upside and down side to everything in life. Whether you are short, tall, endowed or small, need a reduction or increase..get back to me please..

Sheeshh..don't need to dragging the caramel/ vanilla cream in the toilet..thanks the wrong place for a swirl..

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